JLaw For President

The answer to the question you’re asking yourself right now is yes. Yes, this is another post on the internet about how amazing Jennifer Lawrence is.

JLaw gives “Stars: They’re Just Like Us” a whole new meaning (she’s everything we are, and so so much more). She answers questions honestly, she trips and falls on a regular basis, she’s an excellent photo-bomber and most importantly: she eats. I’m pretty sure Jen mentions food in every other interview she does, and makes it very clear we should all stop judging each other based on our appearances. She’s also one of the funniest and most quotable celebrities around right now, and she’s not even a comedian. Not to mention, she’s kind of talented (who else could make us root for her to kill other people in the Hunger Games?).

If you don’t believe the hype, let the many gifs floating around the internet convince you (and check out http://www.facesofjenniferlawrence.tumblr.com ASAP):







And yes, she knows she rocks.

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