Happy Superbowl Sunday! I’m rooting for Television, how about you?

To say that I grew up in a “sports family,” would be the understatement of the century. I tried to fight it at first, and I can honestly say I didn’t wear anything but dresses and tights until about 3rd grade (forgive me Blair Waldorf, I thought tights were pants until I was 9). Then my love for Derek Jeter happened and I traded the dresses for a Jeter jersey (pink, not navy obviously) and the rest is history. I still can’t play a sport to save my life (shoutout to my high school gym teachers for all those Bs), but I do my best to follow (and enjoy watching) The New York Giants, The New York Yankees and The Ohio State Buckeyes. However, when my teams aren’t playing and I need to pick a team to root for, I go to something that’s never failed me: television.

Last night Duke and Syracuse played basketball, and while I have no personal connections to either team, it was Nathan Scott’s (from One Tree Hill) dream to play basketball at Duke, so rooting for the Blue Devils was a no brainer. They lost (probably because they took Nathan’s scholarship away), but there’s no doubt it made the game more fun to watch.

It’s my first Superbowl Sunday away from home (and I’m more upset about missing it than I am about missing Easter), and I’m obviously rooting for the Denver Broncos because Eric Decker has a reality show on E!. Eric & Jessie, which stars Eric and his wife, country singer Jessie James, is like the modern day Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica (I’m proud of the fact I’ve made two Newlyweds references in one week—keep reading my blog to find the other). They’re a cute couple, and even more attractive than they are talented. And now that Jessie’s pregnant, I’m sure the 2nd season will be even more entertaining (and there’s no doubt in my mind that E! is in New Jersey right now taping an episode—notice I said New Jersey because newsflash America: the Superbowl isn’t in New York this year, it’s in East Rutherford, NJ #JerseyGirl).

I’ve rooted for the 49ers before because Steve Young casually showed up and played football with the cast of Beverly Hills, 90210 and Jerry Rice did the same thing with the cast of OTH (I’m sure Colin Kaepernick will show up at my Thanksgiving in a few years too). Kareem Abdul-Jabbar taught Uncle Jesse how to play basketball on Full House, but I can’t root for the Lakers because of Lamar Odom… It turns out TV also helps you decide who to root against, and thanks to the Kardashian girls and their many spin-offs, I can’t root for any team Reggie Bush, Kris Humphries or Lam-Lam have played for. Sometimes when I hate both teams playing (or can’t find a legit TV connection), I just root for whatever team has the most Friday Night Lights look-a-likes. You can never go wrong with Tim Riggins, Matt Saracen or Smash Williams.

If the Giants don’t get it together and make it to the big game next year, I’m hoping for the Chicago Bears. Why, you ask? Because Laguna Beach and Hills super-villain Kristin Cavallari is married to their QB Jay Cutler, of course.

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