Welcome to the Rest of your Life, Baby Jonas

While most of the country was watching (or preparing for) the Super Bowl, Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle welcomed their daughter into the world, and well, invited the rest of the world to do the same. Alena Rose Jonas, and anyone who may have missed it, here’s how your birth went down:

It starts with your dad revealing your mom has been checked into the hospital.

Then another one of your many unofficial hashtags is created, Alena.

Soon things start to get a little graphic (this is where I started getting hives in health class during The Miracle of Life video).

Your dad manages to put the phone down long enough to see your mom finish giving birth, but don’t worry- he finds time to retweet your first official picture.

And then the least famous Jonas Brother leaves us with one final thought (and a preview of what’s to come on the next season of Married to Jonas):

Ok seriously, how is this guy verified on Twitter and I’m not? Joe and Nick never even let him sing backup.

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