The Bachelor Is Back!

Farmer Chris is back and he’s better hotter than ever. The new Bachelor, Chris Soules, competed on Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette last year. And even though Andi didn’t fall for Chris, America did, and now there’s 30 women competing for his attention and a chance at “love.” If you missed the premiere or are simply overwhelmed by the 30 contestants, here’s the girls I think have the best chance of winning (pictures included because let’s be honest, the majority of them all look the same). Let’s get to it because #FarmerNeedsAWife, am I right?

Bachelor Top 5 Prediction

Whitney: The fertile nurse was super cute and friendly, and got a lot of screen time in the first half of the premiere.


Becca: The main reason I picked Becca was her super cute dress, but there also seemed to be some sparks between her and Chris.


Kaitlyn: Kaitlyn’s cursing, dirty jokes and dance lessons gave her a ton of screen time, and could be the perfect person to make Chris’s life in Iowa a little more interesting.


Jade: The Cosmetics Developer did not get a lot of action in the first episode, but sometimes that is a good thing. I could see a relationship between Jade and Chris develop over the season.


Kelsey: Kelsey seemed to be one of the sweetest and most down to earth girls of the 30, and the fact that she is a widow could get her some of the sympathy vote.


Honorable mention

Britt: Even after she hugged him over way too long during the limo introductions, Chris gave Britt the first impression rose AND the first kiss. I’m predicting Britt is on the show for a while, but the spark between her and Chris will fizzle out. (PS doesn’t she look exactly like Vanessa Milano?)


Tracy: The 4th grade teacher (who brilliantly brought a note from one of her students to the limo introductions) is super adorable. She also happens to be related to one of my friends AKA I plan to become her best friend and get so much bachelor scoop.


Who we really want to win

Tara: Tara is my bachelor spirit animal. She immediately starting drinking whiskey on the rocks during the cocktail party, and nearly puked and/or collapsed during the rose ceremony. Her commentary was on point, and the fact that she managed to get a rose means she is the MVP of the first episode.


Who we cannot believe got a rose

Ashely S: Remember when Clare talked to a raccoon on Bachelor In Paradise? That was nothing compared to Ashley S obsessing over a onion/pomegranate in the bushes during her interview. She explained, “Look at this onion! Is It a pomegranate? If it’s a pomegranate, bless it’s heart! It’s a pomegranate!”


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One thought on “The Bachelor Is Back!

  1. I cannot believe Ashely S got a rose too?! She was literally crazy. C-R-A-Z-Y!

    Whitney and Kelsey were two of my favorites too!
    I just wish I could watch all the shows in one night!

    Let’s see how it goes! But I am sure Chris will find a wife ❤


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