V-Day: The TV Way

Don’t worry if you don’t have Valentine’s Day plans, fellow TV addicts, because I got you covered. Grab some candy/chocolate, log into your Netflix account (or grab your DVDs because somehow Friends, Veronica Mars & The OC aren’t on Netflix) and watch your favorite characters do V-Day the right way.

Friends “The One With the Candy Hearts”/ “The One With The Birthing Video”: “The One With the Candy Hearts,” is from the first season of Friends, and includes two of Friends greatest supporting characters of all-time Janice (OH. MY. GOD.) and Carol (Ross’s lesbian ex-wife… enough said). The episode also includes a cleansing ritual and hot fireman, so it’s a must see. “The One With The Birthing Video” is from season 8, and takes place at the beginning of the short-lived Joey-Rachel romance. The best part about this episode is Chandler’s face when he thinks he’s about to watch a video Monica got him for Valentine’s Day, and it turns out to be a birthing video Phoebe left for pregnant Rachel.

Grey’s Anatomy “Valentine’s Day Massacre”: In this season 6 Grey’s Anatomy classic, a roof collapses in a restaurant, and the doctors have to cancel their romantic plans for emergency surgeries. We also get to see Callie and Arizona play matchmaker for Dr. Bailey, Meredith stepping into her role as Mrs. McDreamy/ Wife of the Chief of Surgery and Owen dealing with his Cristina-Teddy dilemma.

Gossip Girl “It-Girl Happened One Night”/ “Crazy, Cupid, Love”: “It-Girl Happened One Night” takes place during the unfortunate Thorpe era of GG (season 4), but this is a good episode to watch if you’re feeling lonely this V-Day because all of our favorite Upper East Siders are too. Blair is struggling with watching Chuck develop feelings for Raina, Dan is starting to develop feelings for Blair (more on that grossness in a minute) and Serena is going through her Ben phase. “Crazy, Cupid, Love,” Gossip Girl’s season 5 Valentine’s Day episode, is one we’d like to forget, since it features a Dan-Blair kiss. On the up side, this episode includes a high school themed party, bringing back GG classics like Chuck’s scarf, Serena’s Constance uniform and Georgia stirring up trouble via Gossip Girl blasts.

Veronica Mars “Ruskie Business”: Our favorite teenage detective finds herself tracking down Meg’s secret admirer and helping a Russian woman find her missing fiancé on Valentine’s Day. Highlights of this episode include an 80s dance (and all the perfectly crafted costumes), Alyson Hannigan (Willow from Buffy!), Veronica kissing Schmidt from New Girl (Deputy Leo) and most importantly, Veronica finally seeing the emotional side of one of our all time favorite bad boys, Logan Echolls.

Modern Family “My Funky Valentine”: When Phil and Claire decide to spice up their relationship by channeling their alter-egos, Julianna and Clive, hilariousness ensues. Cam also helps Manny have “the perfect Valentine’s Day” and Dylan gives Haley a very Dylan-like gift. This is a sitcom celebrating a holiday at it’s best.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer “Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered”: In season 2 of Buffy, Cordelia breaks up with Xander because she’s embarrassed after her friends find out they’ve been seeing each other, and to get revenge Xander casts a love spell. Naturally, the spell goes wrong, and every girl besides Cordy falls for Xander. Watching him try to handle all of the women after him– including Buffy, Willow and Buffy’s mom– is extremely amusing and makes for a Buffy classic.

One Tree Hill “Valentine’s Day Is Over”: After seven years of never having a Valentine’s Day themed episode, OTH finally delivers one in season 8. The episode includes but is not limited to: sex games, romantic gestures, shoelaces and most importantly a pregnant/hormonal Haley and a kindhearted (and hot as ever) Nathan.

New Girl “Valentine’s Day”: During New Girl’s first (and debatably best) season, Valentine’s Day brings Schmidt and Jess to a bar on the hunt for love, Nick trying to spend time with then-girlfriend Julia and Winston trying to rekindle an old romance. This episode also marks the beginning of CeCe and Schmidt and Jess being adorkable as ever.

The OC “The Heartbreak”: Valentine’s Day during the first season of The OC, “The Heartbreak,” features the Valentine’s singles benefit dance, Luke starting to crush on Julie Cooper (aka his ex-girlfriend’s mom) and Sandy giving Seth hilarious sex advice (which leads to one of the first adorable Seth/Summer moments *cue Wonderwall by Ryan Adams*).

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