“It’s never…”

It’s never bothered me.

Elsa and Anna have taken over Once Upon A Time this season, and the last episode featured the first Frozen references that made us melt like Olaf in Summer. When Emma asked Elsa why/how she isn’t cold when they’re trapped in an ice room, Elsa responded, “It’s never bothered me.”


 TVQOTW Runner Up: “You chose revenge over me.” -Charlotte on Revenge

I’m throwing some Revenge in between the Once quotes because this season the show has really stepped up its game. The drama is more intense than ever, and the more secrets that are exposed, the better. The quote above is what Charlotte says when Emily Amanda reveals that they are sisters. Bravo, Sunday night on ABC, bravo.

Bonus quote: “I love sandwiches!” -Anna on Once Upon A Time


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