Coachella: Where Celebs Do Everything Besides Listen to the Music

Ah, Coachella… it was great to have you take over my instagram feed again. For anyone unaware of what Coachella is, I’m here to fill you in. A three day music festival in the California desert, Coachella is the place where celebrities and music fans dress up like Urban Outfitters mannequins and dance like nobody is watching (too bad thanks to the paparazzi the whole world is!).

Coachella is the place where…

Some celebs, like Lea Michelle and Ashley Benson, fit in some publicity/endorsements:
tumblr_n3zwceLeAH1tum8qwo1_250 tumblr_n3zwceLeAH1tum8qwo2_250
tumblr_n3zzrsY18Q1ryfjs3o1_250 tumblr_n3zzrsY18Q1ryfjs3o6_r1_250

Others, like a newly blonde Vanessa Hudgens and green haired Katy Perry, debut their new hair:
tumblr_n40qjwZ5vP1qfyh4go1_250 tumblr_n40lui86EW1qeu2t7o1_250

Many celebrities, like Selena Gomez, bond with other celebrities, like Kendall Jenner (which always results in 10x more instagram likes):
And Nina Dobrev and Dianna Agron:
tumblr_n3zsbqAnhX1qcyv1eo1_250 tumblr_n3zsbqAnhX1qcyv1eo2_250
And Fergie and Fiona from Shameless?!:

Actors like Aaron Paul and Lucy Hale focus on more important things, like photo-bombing random people:
tumblr_ml9nxlf6YG1qdwasao5_250 tumblr_ml9nxlf6YG1qdwasao2_250 tumblr_ml9nxlf6YG1qdwasao4_250

Academy Award Nominees like Leonardo DiCaprio show the world they know how to have fun (while scarring fans in the process):
tumblr_n400on3nu11qjsm30o1_250 tumblr_n400on3nu11qjsm30o2_250
tumblr_n400on3nu11qjsm30o3_250 tumblr_n400on3nu11qjsm30o4_250

And non-celebs make sure to document those moments (this would be my role if I was lucky enough to attend the festival):

Blowing bubbles is cool again:
tumblr_n3xtsxy9qd1qjn2evo3_250 tumblr_n3xtsxy9qd1qjn2evo4_250

Exes like Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie fuel rumors about a reconciliation…

And other couples (Joe Jonas and Blanda Eggenschwiler & Emma Roberts and Evan Peters) use PDA to prove they’re stronger than ever:
rs_634x1024-140412172658-634.Joe_Jonas-Blanda_Eggenschwiler-jmd-041214_copy rs_634x1024-140412094632-634.Emma-Roberts-Evan-Peters-Kiss-Coachella.jl.041214

Oh, there’s also performances by artists like Lorde, Jay-Z, Arcade Fire and Outkast, but that’s just a minor detail.


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