The 11 Best Will & Kate (and Prince George!) Moments from their Royal Tour

Now that Prince George is 8 months old, it can only mean one thing… It’s time for his first Royal Tour! The future King of England and his parents, the other future of King of England, William, and Duchess Kate, made their first stop a few days ago in New Zealand. And if the pictures and video mean anything, the Royal Fam is leaving quite the impression. Check out all of the great moments below, and feel free to photoshop yourself in (you know I will).

1. When the Royal Family of 3 stepped off their super-long plane ride, looking like royalty.
tumblr_n3nmdhkk0i1qfqt76o4_250 tumblr_n3nmdhkk0i1qfqt76o3_250

2. When Will & Kate kept their cool during their unusual New Zealand greeting.
Royals visit New Zealand

3. And even participated in some of the weirdness.

4. When Will joked about baby George and his newborn sleep habits.
tumblr_n3tiey3wBz1rmbz5io1_250 tumblr_n3tiey3wBz1rmbz5io4_250

5. When Kate made his little girl’s day— have you ever been this jealous of a 6-year-old?
tumblr_n3ssvxeyyr1ruue7yo3_250 tumblr_n3ssvxeyyr1ruue7yo1_250

6. When Will & Kate (who btw is definitely not disappointing anyone with her clothing choices) admired a portrait of the Queen.

7. When George set his sights on his future princess and demanded her attention.

8. And played with the other kids, too.
tumblr_n3r6v0jznb1ruue7yo8_r1_250 tumblr_n3r6v0jznb1ruue7yo4_r1_250

9. When Will held the umbrella over Kate, swoon.
tumblr_n3uoohZPKD1ruue7yo4_250 tumblr_n3uoohZPKD1ruue7yo5_250

10. When Will & Kate raced each other, and Kate won (twice!)
tumblr_n3vfqmqVfX1rmbz5io6_250 tumblr_n3vfqmqVfX1rmbz5io9_250 tumblr_n3vfqmqVfX1rmbz5io5_250

11. And when Will congratulated Kate on her victories— I didn’t know boats and competition could bring out the best in a couple (but I’m glad they do).
tumblr_n3v99b1uQX1qfqt76o2_250 tumblr_n3v99b1uQX1qfqt76o1_250

Stay tuned for more of what happens after happily-ever-after when the royals head to their next destination. Also, I expect a LifeTime movie sequel to “Will & Kate” ASAP.

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