It’s Alright Cause I’m Saved by the Bell

Time. Out.

Jimmy Fallon recreated Bayside High and reunited Zack, Kelly, Slater and Jessie last night, and I don’t know if I’m ever going to recover. Mr. Belding also made an appearance, but Lisa and Screech were MIA. I think it’s safe to say Lisa wasn’t invited because she’s the DUFF and no one cares and Screech was a little busy in jail for stabbing someone two weeks ago. #FriendsForever

Let’s break all of this 90s greatness down and pull out some of the best references.

1. I think it’s safe to say Bayside has a secret formula in the water fountain because these students DO NOT AGE (or change their clothes).


2. AC Slater still has his ballet routine memorized.


And Jessie Spano could never forget how excited she was.


3. The skit also poked fun at Elizabeth Berkley’s Showgirls gig. #JessieTheStriper


And Tiffani AmberĀ Thiessen (who is pregnant IRL) leaving SBTB for Beverly Hills, 90210. #GoodGirlsGoBad


4. May that No Hope with Dope poster hang on the walls forever.


5. Mr. Belding is still the perfect combination of awesome and totally creepy.


6. Zack Attack: The greatest band of the all time.



PS: When I grow up I want to be Jimmy Fallon, so I can rewrite myself into my favorite TV shows. I would be an awesome addition to the Dillon Panthers football team or Blair Waldorf’s minions on Gossip Girl.

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