CMA 2014 Recap

Due to the fact that I’ve been computer-less (tragic, right?), this Country Music Awards recap is a week late and I apologize for that. However, what better way to relive country music’s best night than to see the show through my eyes? Am I right, or am I right?

Kenny Chesney looks a little skinny… Should we be worried?


Love this duo… but Miranda cannot move in these shoes. #AllAboutThoseHeels

Cutest pregnant person ever or cutest pregnant person ever?

Carrie and Brad should host my life. #SuckItTMZ


Who knew Ebola was the perfect theme for a country song?


PPTSD (Postpartum Taylor Swift Disorder) is a real thing. I love 1989, but I dream about country Taylor. #SheWasTall


“She could be here right now!” “How would we know?” Renee Zellweger joke FTW. #Lol


Carrie Underwood is having a little hockey player! #ItsABoy #BradBlewIt


“He looks like a monkey” -my roommate on Steven Tyler


Miranda Lambert wins prom queen in the 80s!


The long haired guy in FGL has face tattoo like Rob Kardashian. #NotCute


TAMI TAYLOR ALERT! #Tami4Prez #ClearEyesFullHearts




Is she wearing a bump it? Is Snooki at the CMAs? Is her hair just full of secrets?


HOW have The Band Perry brothers not gotten a stylist yet? HOW?!

48th Annual CMA (Country Music Association) Awards

#WhereHasKelliePicklerBeen… #WithTimTebow?


(PS this is the only picture of Kellie, who was shown one time during the show, that I could find on the internet).

I want take Loretta Lynn home and put her in my pocket and save her for a rainy day.


Did Little Big Town steal these lights from the a Christmas Light Show?

Ariana Grande, do you even go here?


I think Martina and Ranya James should make an album together ASAP.


This lady forgot her dress.


There MUST be something in the water Carrie Underwood drinks because WOW. #CanIHaveSomeWater?

Aria get off the stage before A comes!!!


Does Eric Church ever take his sunglasses off? Is Blake Shelton going grey? Is Thomas Rhett wearing guy-liner? SO MANY QUESTIONS, CMAS, SO MANY QUESTIONS.


Luke Bryan you are so beautiful and talented and you and your wife are adorable and marry me.

48th Annual CMA Awards - Show

The end!

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