13 Thoughts Everyone Had During Peter Pan Live!

1. I have this theory that if you cut off all of Allison Williams’s hair she’ll look like a British man.

2. How Marnie of Peter Pan to sing a song about how great he/she is.giphy
3. Wendy is so thirsty for Peter.tumblr_ng366w5Wdm1qj59tdo1_500
4. “I’m no elf.” What exactly are you, Peter? And what are you, Allison Williams? A he/she? A Miley Cyrus lookalike?

5. Hook and his men look like the cast of Rock of Ages.tumblr_ng4cbjc4ZX1qe9t4zo1_500
6. I wouldn’t mind if I found a Lost Boy or two.tumblr_ng3bs8j51M1sxqyhyo1_r1_400
7. Lindsay Lohan should have given Allison Williams British accent lessons.

8. Wendy defines buzzkill.

9. Love triangle alert!  Are you team Wendy or Tiger Lilly, Allison Williams?tumblr_ng38gyTBll1sxqyhyo1_r1_400
10. That Crocodile is going to haunt me in my dreams.tumblr_ng39jhDFgc1sxqyhyo2_r1_400
11. Wendy got rejected! #HesJustNotThatIntoYoutumblr_mhf4pimTXZ1r9vbvmo1_400
12. A. Williams just broke the fourth wall and I’m sorry but she’s no Zack Morris, Frank Underwood or Steve from Blues Clues. #IWillNotClaptumblr_ng3axtXPvq1sxqyhyo1_400
13. This is our world now. #SaveTinkerbell

I can’t believe I just sat through that whole thing. Is it possible the Sound of Music was more enjoyable? Here’s to Grease Live! in just 364 days.

Gifs: http://www.tumblr.com.

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