Sarah Marie’s 25 Days Of Christmas: Day 4

On the 4th day of Christmas, Sarah Marie saw The Matthews Family celebrating with Feeny…

December 6th: In honor of yesterday’s Girl Meets World holiday, I challenge you to watch all 5 Boy Meets World Christmas episodes. BMW answers important holiday questions like why A Christmas Carol is named A Christmas Carol if there is no one named Carol in the story and whether or not Eric can survive a Christmas without running down the stairs naked singing We Wish You A Merry Christmas.


In the 10th episode in the entire series, Santa’s Little Helper, Cory learns the true meaning of Christmas when he discovers his best friend Shawn isn’t getting many presents after his dad lost his job. #Bromance ensues and Cory and Shawn prove to be stronger than any basketball over the Xmas tree. The funniest part of the episode? Little Morgan thinking she killed Santa Clause and Mr. Feeny helping convince her he’s alive.


Skip ahead a few years and it’s Christmastime at the Matthews house again. And does anything say Merry Christmas like a holiday job working for the mob? Easy Street is in BMW’s 4th season, and shows first Cory, and then Shawn, trying to save up enough money for Christmas presents by working for Mr. Martini and Mr. Fontaine. Eric driving his coworker 500 miles and getting stuck in a blizzard and Cory and Shawn falling asleep in class provide comic relief for the heavy episode.


Topanga joins The Matthews Family for the holiday in A Very Topanga Christmas, and changes up all of their family traditions leaving Cory to decide whether or not he can see a future with her or not (the answer is DUH, obviously). A Christmas Carol like story ensues with Mr. Feeny as the ghost of Christmas future.


Cory confuses Christmas for Valentine’s Day and plays cupid for Shawn and Angela in the final Boy Meets World holiday episode, Santa’s Little Helpers (not to be confused with the season 1 episode Santa’s Little Helper, no plural). You have to watch for yourself to see if it works or not, but Eric as Santa, Jack as an elf and Rachel as Mrs. Clause is reason enough to watch.


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