Sarah Marie’s 25 Days Of Christmas: Day 7

On the 7th day of Christmas, Sarah Marie was scared of A, but laughed with Jess and Mindy…

December 9th: After years of celebrating Halloween in Rosewood, Pretty Little Liars is tackling Christmas. Ali is throwing an ice ball to celebrate her first holiday home, and if this episode is like any other PLL, I’m sure it will result in a potential murder and/or actual murder. Merry Christmas, bitches! –A


FOX Tuesday’s night of comedy is also getting a visit from St. Nick. New Girl, which has two other Christmas episodes, is up first at 9pm. Jess and friends get stuck at LAX and the usual hijinks are set to ensue. Think the Christmas episode of Full House where they’re stuck at the airport, but dirtier (PS MR. BELDING from Save By The Bell is going to show up). The 23rd is the holiday episode from season one, and features Schmidt as a sexy Santa and his friends taking on his mean coworkers. Season two’s Santa brings Christmas again, and the group heads to multiple parties, including one thrown by “a really respected DJ who was also an actor on Boy Meets World.”


Tonight is Mindy and Danny’s first Christmas as a couple, and I’m sure there will be plenty of mistletoe. You have to tune into tonight’s episode of The Mindy Project to find out what gifts they exchange, but fingers crossed Danny gives Mindy the proposal she’s been dreaming about! In The Mindy Project’s first season, Mindy celebrates Xmas with a different boyfriend. Josh and Mindy’s Christmas Party takes a dark, and hilarious, turn when Mindy finds out Josh is cheating on her (#KobeBryantHasBeenShot). The next year in Christmas Party Sex Trap, Danny’s dancing, Mindy’s wine bra and Maria Menounos take center stage.


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