The Only PLL Christmas Special Recap You Need To Read

PLL is back, bitches! And the Christmas special did not disappoint. Plus there’s less than a month until the show returns for good.

1. Let’s make a wish on these paper snowflakes and then maybe we won’t get killed by some random stalker. Makes sense.

2. That Santa is definitely A.


3. I didn’t know it was possible to make this theme song any creeper.

4. ABC Family finally killed Mona and they’re still trying to make Mona happen.tumblr_ngcj1hYnNb1rxm95zo5_400
5. Two yellow dresses?! #TWINS?!

6. TBT to when Toby got hit by a car.

7. Spencer should go to jail and there should be an Orange is the Black PLL crossover episode.

8. Why didn’t ABC try to get #MerryHoHo trending?tumblr_ngceu7B3vS1rxm95zo1_250
9. Hey Hanna, I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to call a 7 year old girl bitch.tumblr_ngchobb6Yz1rdlm3eo1_500
10. That awkward moment when the earrings Ezra got Aria are ugly.

11. That even more awkward moment when Allison replaces you.tumblr_nddwqf3rVB1rxm95zo2_500
12. #ISawAliKissingSantaClause

13. Why is Ali wearing a choker? Is this special set in 2002?tumblr_ngcln0m4TZ1rf0mq7o2_500
14. “How do you fit all of that information into your one head?” #Finals2014tumblr_ngcb6krYnR1rvq9xoo1_500
15. NO! Don’t kill Hanna or Spencer! They are the best ones.tumblr_ngbvynqr7F1tjwhsyo10_r1_500
16. Those masks are going to haunt my dreams forever.tumblr_ngcb54f9nI1rvq9xoo1_500
17. Mona’s eyebrow game as a ghost is so strong.tumblr_ngcj1hYnNb1rxm95zo8_400
18. Paige just ruined what would be the perfect gif.tumblr_ngcjvgVoDn1qenwoao3_500
19.Dear Ezra, do you enjoy hanging out with teenagers 99% of the time?

20. Merry Christmas, bitches!


PS: I think Haleb is the cutest couple on the show. Hands down. Do you agree?


tumblr_ngckqtAtBK1qfmzxdo3_250 tumblr_ngckqtAtBK1qfmzxdo2_250

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