Sarah Marie’s 25 Days Of Christmas: Day 19

Merry McChristmas! Most doctors wouldn’t want to spend their holidays at the hospital, but the doctors at  Seattle Grace Grey Sloan Memorial wouldn’t want it any other way. Grey’s Anatomy has three episodes that follow everyone’s favorite surgeons during the Christmas season, and the first one is season two’s Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer. While Cristina and Burke fight over Christmas/Hanukkah and the importance of celebrating religious holidays, Izzy helps spread holiday cheer and Meredith tries to help Alex get the ultimate Christmas present: passing his boards.


Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s come and go in Holidaze, but the drama stays the same. Bailey’s father is in town and is not happy when he discovers her divorce and heavy workload, while Mark and Lexie deal with their new roommate visitor– Mark’s pregnant daughter.


Run, Baby, Run is the latest Grey’s Christmas episode, and centers around Bailey and Ben’s Christmas wedding. In the spirit of all things Grey’s, nothing goes according to plan and Bailey spends her wedding day operating on Adele.


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