Sarah Marie’s 25 Days Of Christmas: Day 20

I don’t want to wait, for Christmas to be over…

(Because this theme song was just THAT good).

It’s time to celebrate the holidays Dawson’s Creek style. DC doesn’t celebrate Christmas until season four’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, but it’s worth the wait. While Pacey and Joey go to a Worthington event at the Yacht club, Dawson’s parents throw their first Christmas party since getting back together. Even though Pacey and Joey are the only ones at a college event, it turns out the whole gang can’t escape their applications. The drama really picks up when Pacey and Joey arrive at the Leery’s and discover who is under the mistletoe. The Christmas spirit (or lack their of) continues in the next episode, Self Reliance, and Dawson’s gift to Joey proves he is finally starting to accept Joey and Pacey as a couple.


The season six Christmas episode, Merry Mayhem, is one of the best in Dawson’s history. Joey invites her roommate Audrey and her boyfriend Eddie to join her in Capeside for Xmas, and chaos ensues when Audrey turns to alcohol and drugs to help get her into the holiday spirit.


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