29 Questions, Comments and Concerns From The PLL S6 Premiere (Yes, I’m Still Watching)

Season 6 and somehow better than its been in years? Pretty Little Liars premiered on ABC Family last night and I have a lot of notes (and suggested hashtags, of course).

1. Who is this creepy chick locked in the dollhouse that kind of looks like a young Ashlee Simpson?

2. I really appreciate Charles’ sense of humor. Playing a song with the lyrics, “Don’t fence me in” was a bold and genius move.

3. #DudesCanBeBitchesToo #Feminism


4. “Wow, Hanna, an 11 letter word.” Being locked in a dollhouse makes Emily sassy.

5. Are these prom dresses uglier than I remember? The rain might help them tbh.

6. Hanna’s so thirsty she could drink a “pee ice cube.” #WhoWritesThisShow

7. #EmilyThinksAStoleHerKidney (This one totally would have trended).


8. Why is no one concerned about Charles taking their clothes off when they were unconscious?

9. “Please don’t hurt my friends.” K, Ali! I’m sure A will totes listen!

10. Toby as a cop is one of the least believable things about this show (and that’s saying something).


11. Are all of these pigs in the dollhouse hefty Hanna jokes?

12. Am I the only one who thought of Rory’s USO Party when Ali’s phone played “Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree.” (Now I want to watch Gilmore Girls).

13. They all look pretttty good for surviving three weeks of torture.

14. Mona in the hole is giving me Brody from Homeland flashbacks. #TooFar?

15. Call me crazy but I feel like Toby should know working with the cops MIGHT be a better idea than working with his old English teacher and a guy who used to talk to ghosts (#NeverForgetRosewood).


16. Oh, a man with a baseball hat on walking by a reporter! It’s totally the dude who kidnapped the girls! Good work, Toby!

17. Ali’s my-friends-are-missing haircut is OP.

18. Aria to Charles: “You better not kill my mom! She has to do a Charmed reunion!”


19. Charles putting Hanna in those orange pants is the easily one of the worst things he’s done to her.

20. I think my “trapped in a hole” song would be Trap Queen, not this Mockingbird lullaby. #GodMona


21. Charles hacking road side assistance? #Respect

22. Why is Charles so obsessed with the ugly yellow tank top that Ali wore the night she went missing? I was rooting for you Charles! Come on!

23. These idiots would be dead without Spencer. She deserves a spin-off a la Veronica Mars.


24. “A has a soul!” Yes, his popcorn machine and home movies totally make up for him kidnapping you.

25. Charles Inner Thoughts: “Do I kill my sister or save my teddy bear?” #RealTalk

26. …Is it bad that I would have totally abandoned Mona?

27. I would be crying so much harder than these chicks if I was rescued.


28. Ali totally knows Charles is her bro and was brainstorming ways to try and get out of this one when Emily asked her.

29. I think I actually enjoyed this episode of PLL? (Not as much as making fun of it, but still… I’m excited for next week?)

3 thoughts on “29 Questions, Comments and Concerns From The PLL S6 Premiere (Yes, I’m Still Watching)

  1. why they are trying to torched the girls for and by a way what the heck is Charles is and why this A person what to hurt Aria and Emily and Spencer and Hanna and Alison and why they trying to hurt Mona for she done’st do anything to A and why the A being so Obsessed with the girls they don’t do anything to hurt u and why are u hurting the girls for leave them alone they did it do anything to u just stop being so Harassment to them they are so hard to keep a secret i know it is a lying but they are so real good in lying but sometime they have to tell the truth but they are been torched by held captive by A and they might i know it hurting them but sometime they have to saying something to their parent or friend and family or a cop or you’re brother too and this A have to locked a way for a reason that why this little game of his / or her have to be done with it and the girl they need freedom from A person this baster bitch boy or a girl whatever it is they need to stop doing this for the girls and sew up the whole things u by a way this a Alyvia paige metcalfe


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