Selena Marie Gomez-Jonas-Bieber-Mahone

Selena Gomez’s rep is already denying the reports that surfaced this morning about Sel and pop star Austin Mahone, but the last time I checked they denied she was dating The Biebs even after pictures of them frolicking all over the beach leaked, so I’m not so sure it’s not true yet.

The age difference makes it less believable (he’s 17 and she’s 21), but other than that he fits her criteria. Selena’s most famous boyfriends have been Nick Jonas and Justin Bieber, and when she dated them they were every teenage girl’s dream guy and all over the radio. And with Nick on his way to becoming better known as the brother of reality star Kevin Jonas (Married to Jonas better have a season 3) instead of a singer, and Justin set to be arraigned on Valentine’s Day (happy v-day, Beliebers!) it’s the perfect opportunity for Austin to become the reigning king of Tiger Beat (do they still make Tiger Beat?) and teen girl’s hearts. Plus, he has great hair and flawless skin just like our favorite Jo Bro and Bieber. And if you think about it, Nick is Selena’s age, Justin is two years younger and Austin is four years younger… Even the math makes sense.

Update: I checked, and Tiger Beat still does exist (hooray!!!). If you don’t know because you weren’t celebrity obsessed at 12 like me, Tiger Beat is a celebrity tween magazine. And it’s front page story? A possible Sel and A. Mahone relationship, of course.

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