When Two (TV) Worlds Collide

Even though it happens on a somewhat regular basis, I find myself excited and kind of mind-blown every time a character from a show I watch appears on another show I watch. I read TV casting news fairly regularly, so when something slips by me, it’s a pleasant surprise.

Within the past month, Rose Abdoo has been on Pretty Little Liars, Parenthood and Shameless (confession: I didn’t know her real name until I googled it two seconds ago). But I did know, Gypsy from Gilmore Girls was all over my TV! I love Gilmore Girls for a lot of reasons, and the random and recurring background characters are at the top of the list. Gypsy was the town mechanic who threw in some sarcastic comments at most town gatherings. But Gypsy’s been too busy to fix Rory’s car (I hope she isn’t letting Jess drive it again) because she’s been in Rosewood cleaning Hanna’s teeth, Berkeley voting for Kristina for mayor and Chicago giving V some life-changing baby news.

Nanny Carrie may have died on One Tree Hill, but Torrey DeVitto lives to see another day on PLL and The Vampire Diaries. It’s hard to look at her as anything other than a kidnapping-cockroach-feeding-husband-stealing-attempted-murder, but she tries. It’s been a while since Torrey’s popped up on PLL or TVD, but if we know Nanny Carrie (which we definitely do 10 re-watches later), she’ll be back and creepier than ever (her PLL character Melissa definitely has some Carrie in her).

You may not know who Bianca Lawson is, but I bet you know Kendra (the vampire slayer) from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Nikki (the principal’s daughter) from Dawson’s Creek, Emily Bennett (the witch) from The Vampire Diaries and Maya (Emily’s ex-girlfriend) from Pretty Little Liars. Bianca, who is currently 34-YEARS-OLD, just keeps playing different teenagers in TV land (if Bianca ever decides to play a character, I don’t know, 10 years closer to her real age, I’m the girl to call for replacements).

Leven Rambin has played a confused, pregnant teenager on both Grey’s Anatomy and One Tree Hill, and has emotionally messed with characters on both shows. I knew Brooke and Julian from OTH deciding to adopt Sloan’s baby from Grey’s was a bad idea.

Speaking of Grey’s, how much do you love Smash from Friday Night Lights scrubbing in on McDreamy’s surgeries? And I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Clay from OTH shows up in Bluebell on Hart of Dixie again soon.

Sometimes it’s a coincidence that the same faces keep appearing on your TV, and sometimes it’s all part of God’s master plan. And by God, I mean the creators, writers and producers of your favorite shows. Agnes, the crazy model who lit Jenny’s clothes on fire on Gossip Girl, worked for Josh Schwartz years before that as Mini Coop (Marissa’s little sister) on The OC. Both Agnes and Kaitlin possess the same sass, and I was happy to see Agnes-Kaitlin deliver one last “little bitch” line in the GG finale. Parenthood and Friday Night Lights both have Jason Katims in common, which explains Lyla Garrity, Vince Howard, Jess Merriweather and Luke Cafferty’s appearances. And now that reports say the FNL movie isn’t happening, I think it’s time Coach Taylor stops by and befriends Adam (as long as he’s still not haunting Meredith after his horrifying death on Grey’s Anatomy).

Seth Cohen aka Adam Brody is stopping by New Girl in a few weeks, and the fact that Nate Archibald is going to be on Glee might be a reason to start watching again (maybe we will find out if Nate ever ran for mayor!).

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