Pretty Little Wedding

Troian Bellisario, who plays Spencer Hastings on Pretty Little Liars, is engaged to her longtime boyfriend Patrick J Adams, who is best known for his role on Suits.

I’ve never seen Suits, so when news broke about the engagement I had to do some googling. I discovered the two met in 2009, briefly dated and broke up, only to get back together when Patrick guest starred on a season 1 episode of Pretty Little Liars. He played Hardy, Ezra’s college friend who shows up at Ezra’s reading. So in other words, Spencer is marrying Ezra’s bestie. Toby and Spencer have been fighting a lot anyway, so I say they bring Hardy back to stir up the pot. Spencer could contact him while investigating Ezra’s “book” story to make sure he isn’t A and get the background information about his relationship with Ali. Or maybe they can just bring Hardy back and say he’s A… it’s not like anything on this show makes sense anyway, so I say bring back Spencer’s fiancé.

If you don’t remember Patrick’s guest appearance, check it out below.

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