Veronica Mars and Crosby Braverman to change the world with #nokidspolicy

Veronica Mars to the rescue! Batman and his wife to help save the day!

Kristen Bell and her husband Dax Shepard have been leading a campaign to stop paparazzi from taking pictures of celebrity children. Bell and Shepard realize the best way to stop this is to cut off the paps income, the magazines and entertainment blogs that publish the pictures they take of kids. They have been tweeting at magazines, doing interviews and have been very vocal about the cause. Entertainment Tonight and their partner, The Insider, were the first to meet with Bell and Shepard, and adapt the new policy. Today, People Magazine and Just Jared, a popular entertainment blog, adapted the policy as well.

Kristen and Dax aren’t alone in their fight. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are two of their biggest supporters, and Garner and Halle Barry went to the Assembly Judiciary Committee at the California State Capitol in August of 2013 to fight for a bill against paparazzi. In an effort to get the E! Network on board with the policy, there are reports that say Affleck and pal Bradley Cooper plan to skip E!’s red carpet at the Oscars this weekend, unless they agree to stop publishing paparazzi’s pictures of kids. According to Bell and Shepard’s interview with Entertainment Tonight, Amy Adams, Michelle Williams, Scarlett Johansson and Katie Holmes are also involved. All of the celebrities are realizing they have the power to stop this, and Bell has been very vocal about not cooperating or working with entertainment outlets that print pictures of her daughter.

Busy Philipps, Alyssa Milano, Sophia Bush, Kerry Washington, Ashley Tisdale, Channing and Jenna Tatum, Ellen DeGeneres and Sarah Michelle Gellar are other celebrities who have tweeted their support for the campaign, and have all celebrated People Magazine’s and Just Jared’s decision.

I’m the first to admit I love celebrities and enjoy looking at the “star tracks” on websites like People Mag and E! (my mom even sent me a picture of Ben and Violet Affleck earlier today from the NY Post, because she knows they’re my favorite). But I’ve also seen the horrified looks on celebrity children’s faces when they are being stalked and yelled at by paparazzi. It happens at the airport, at their schools and often when they’re with other kids who aren’t even children of celebrities. At the end of the day, no one should know where Seraphina Affleck takes ballet or where Suri Cruise goes to school. And celebrities shouldn’t have to worry about reckless drivers chasing them and running red lights, driving with cameras flashing in their faces and their children thinking crazy men are coming to kill them on their way home from a playdate.

The majority of celebrities post their own, personal pictures of their children on their Instagram or Twitter accounts anyway. Others do photoshoots with their kids, and according to Bell and Shepard, that’s far game. Celebrities often share family pictures on talk shows like Ellen or Late Night, too. I’ll miss the candid family moments of my favorite celebrities, but I trust that if the kid is that cute, the parents will show them off in their own way (I highly recommend checking out Jessica Simpson on instagram… her daughter is precious).

So get on board, and help Veronica Mars and her husband Crosby Braverman make a difference with all of their celebrity friends.


Update: E! has officially signed on, and we can all watch the Oscar Red Carpet and E! News without feeling guilty or missing an interview from our favorite stars. The Today Show is in, too.

PS: Shoutout to Kristen Bell for donating to Ohio State’s BuckeyeThon! (Another reason to support the voice of Gossip Girl).


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