Big Brother Recap: Week 2


Goodbye Joey and hello the dreaded reign of Devin! The blue-haired makeup artist was the first houseguest to leave the infamous BB House, and also the first victim of Devin, Caleb, Frankie, Cody, Zach, Derrick, Christine and Amber’s “Bomb Squad.” After her unanimous departure, Devin and Amber won the HOH competition and decided on nominations together. Devin nominated Paola and Brittany (with the latter as his target) and Amber nominated Hayden and Nicole. In the Battle of the Block, Hayden and Nicole proved victorious and as a result, Devin remains HOH.

Amber: I have yet to discover if Amber has any of her own thoughts, because whatever Devin says, she does. I’m also surprised she hasn’t started up a showmance yet, but I understand why she denied Caleb and his creepy stares. #AmberDoesntLoveCaleb

Brittany: After a quiet first week in the house, Brittany made a statement at the house meeting. After Devin confessed to pushing Caleb to nominate Donny last week (more on Devin’s stupid decision making later), Brittany pointed out this means their reasoning for nominating “the first houseguests who fell in the HOH competition” is invalid. This upset new HOH Devin, and resulted in Brittany on the block. However, something tells me we’re underestimating his mother of 3 and she might end up sticking around another week. #BrittanysGotHerBeerGooglesOn

Caleb: Despite never wearing a shirt with sleeves (or that covers his whole chest), it turns out this “bad boy” has a heart. Between attempting (and failing) to win Amber’s love, and crying during a heart to heart with Devin, it’s safe to say he’s not as tough or as in control as he seems. He’s also one of the only “Bomb Squad” members who doesn’t think Devin is crazy (yet). #CalebLovesAmber

Christine: You wouldn’t know it by looking at her, but Christine is a part of two of the strongest alliances in the house. She’s a part of the “Bomb Squad,” and protected by a lot of strong men, and she also has a genuine friendship/ working relationship with Nicole and Hayden. Unless something goes terribly wrong, Christine should be sticking around for a while. #BombSquadOrBlondeSquad

Cody: I think this says it all… #CodysAbs

Derrick: The undercover cop is one of the smarter members of the “Bomb Squad” and seems to understand the alliance may be temporary. I don’t know who he will work with post-squad, but I could seem him being a part of “Team America,” and maybe teaching Donny some military/gun techniques. #ItsSpelledDerek

Devin: Where do I even begin? Devin is the leader of the “Bomb Squad,” but manages to sabotage his own alliance 50% of the time. He adds new members, tells other houseguests what they’re planning and goes after the most random and not very threatening houseguests (Donny? Brittany?). He also is either crying or screaming every other minute, and has an issue separating the game and his “integrity.” And the only thing he talked about more than his integrity? His daughter. #DevinHasADaughter

Donny: The first member of Team America (RIP Joey’s chance of winning $5,000 per assignment), Donny has had to deal with ridiculous accusations that he’s in military and lying about his true identity (He. Is. A. Freaking. Groundskeeper) and as a result, Devin has apologized and made Donny look even nicer than he already did. Here’s hoping Donny and his beard make it to the end. #DonnyForPresident #OrTheCIA

Frankie: Frankie seems to have a good relationship with everyone in the house, and that could either backfire or bring him all the way to the end. He seems to understand the game really well, and I’m hoping he’s the first one in the “Bomb Squad” to make a move on crazy Devin. I’m 99% sure he will be a part of Team America because he’s Ariana Grande’s brother, and I’m also 99% sure he could play a Fairly OddParent with his blue hat and pink hair. #FrankieWouldHaveOneLessProblemWithoutDevin

Hayden: Hayden’s done a good job of staying quiet, while also playing the game. He has an alliance with Nicole and Christine, and has done well in all of the competitions. Now if he just takes out his nose rings and keeps flirting with Nicole, he could have a showmance and good game play. #HaydenHasANoseRing

Jocasta: Besides one prayer session with Paola, Jocasta hasn’t done anything besides change her bow ties. #ThePlayBoyBunniesWoreThemBetter

Nicole: Nicole reminds me of a blonde Zooey Deschanel. It makes sense she’s working with Christine and Hayden, and I’m hoping Christine is honest with her and tells her about the “Bomb Squad.” I also hope her and Hayden have beautiful blonde babies. #NicoleForNewGirlSeason4

Paola: Up on the block for the second week in a row, Paola is officially the pawn of BB16. This is one of the only moves in the house that actually makes sense, because it turns out Paola has basically no skills. I don’t know why Devin even asked her to throw the Battle of the Block competition, because due to the fact that she can hardly pronounce competition, there’s a 99% chance she would lose anyway. #WhatWordWillPowPronounceWeirdNext

Victoria: Other than crying over Frankie nominating her during week 1 (they knew each other for 48 hours, but had “a connection”), Victoria hasn’t done anything besides eat grapes during the house meeting. #FrankieAteVictoriasGrapes

Zach: The king of bromance in the BB house, Zach has bonded with Frankie and created Zrankie. They’re basically dating, but Frankie is gay and Zach is straight. Zach is also “bros” with Cody, so that could get complicated. #TeamZrankie #TeamZody

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