Dear Shonda:

As a dedicated TGIT fan, I watch Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder every week and after the most recent episodes, I have some questions. Dear creator/writer/executive producer/goddess Shonda Rhimes:

Grey’s Anatomy:

1. Was this episode inspired by Bruce Jenner?

2. How many more half-sisters does Meredith have?

3. Would you ever give Callie a spin-off a la Addison? She’s kind of the best.

4. Can Geena Davis become a series regular? Or host a reality show called “Residents Gone Wild?”

5. Can everyone from Private Practice visit Amelia ASAP? I miss Cooper and Charlotte.

6. When is Bailey going to become Chief? I want to see her boss everyone around again.

7. Can I be one of the doctor extras who casually walks around the hospital?

8. Is MerDer going to survive this? Are you worried for your safety if they don’t end up together?

9. Are you going to give Japril another baby?

10. Can we bring back Arizona’s heelys?

11. Should I stop holding out hope that Izzy is going to come back and accept Alex with Jo even though I really, really, don’t want to?


12. Are there any languages Olivia Pope cannot speak?

13. Can Mellie get a new love interest? Andrew is kind of the worst.

14. Are we supposed to think it is romantic that Fitz is letting innocent people die to save Olivia? Because he’s acting kind of lame.

15. Can Cyrus have more meltdowns? #CyrusMeltdowns + #CyrusHairPlugs = #Winning

16. Have you ever considered a Mellie spin-off? I could watch Mellie all day, everyday. We could call it Solidarity, Sister!

17. Does wardrobe put Huck and Quinn in matching colors/flannels on purpose? It’s very Chuck and Blair. (Two examples below).

tumblr_njc8tcKRQG1sm8w43o4_400 tumblr_nk29x2p3hr1sm8w43o5_r1_400

18. Why wasn’t Olivia- I- Speak- 20- Languages- Pope smart enough to know her kidnappers would do that opposite of what she wants?

19. Does Papa Pope know that he is going to scare the fish away by all of his yelling?

20. Do you write super- intense, super-long monologues for yourself in your real life? Do your kids have the privilege of listening to them when they get in trouble? Do you tell the best bed time stories?

21. Am I a bad gladiator because I had to google “Stephen Scandal” when Stephen Finch showed up? Are you mad at me for not remembering? It was a helluva twist.

22. Did you always plan on turning Abby into such a badass? Because she’s a B0$$.

23. Will the red wine stain ever come out of Olivia’s couch? Is it going to become trendy to spill red wine on your couch and not get it cleaned? I’d do it for Olivia.

24. Would you ever consider hooking up Olivia and Huck?

25. Does Fitz know that he is the worst President like, ever?

26. Does secret service listen to his conversations with Olivia? Are they Team Fitz or Team Jake?

How To Get Away With Murder:

27. Where have you been hiding Annalise’s mom? She is everything (and puts Ellis Grey and Mama Pope to shame).

28. Who let Paris Geller (Liza Weil) cut her hair like that? Do you go to dinner parties at her house with Cooper from Private Practice and just soak up each other’s awesomeness? (Liza is married to Paul Adelstein)

29. Do you ever ask yourself, WWAS (What Would Asher Say)? #GettingHerLegalEagleOn

30. Who decorated Annalise’s house? Can I hire them?

31. Who is your spirit animal, Depressed Annalise and Smelly Mellie? Or a combination?

32. Can you drink tequila like Meredith? Red wine like Olivia? Or vodka like Annalise? (This is the most important question on the list).

33. How do the HTGAWM writers come up with this stuff? Do they get drunk during their brainstorming sessions?

34. Is there a future for Wes and Laurel? I’m loving them as a tag team.

35. Are you inspired by Laurel’s eyebrow game?

36. How is Annalise going to get her boy-toy out of jail?

37. Is Rebecca a killer? Is that why she wears so much eye makeup?

38. Is the world going to end in “the final, awesome minute” of the HTGAWM finale?

Please answer as many questions as possible.



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