“I’m not sure…”

I’m not sure. I’m 80/40.

Bachelor in Paradise premiered this week, and changed my life for the better. The quote above is from Lacy, who is originally from Juan Pablo’s season of the bachelor. After struggling to decide whether she would want a rose from Robert or Marcus, she makes the genius statement that she feels about 80% one way and 40% another. I didn’t know 100% was changed to 120% in “paradise” (cue Chris Harrison voice). If you’re not sure if you should watch BIP, just know you’re missing a crazy Clare Crawley talking to raccoons, an obsessive AshLee Frazier (that’s right capital L) and so much potential for love (and by love I mean drama, obviously).

TVQOTW Runner Up: “How do you feel about ménage à trois?”

Married At First Sight has just been renewed for a second season, and after last week’s episode I’m wondering who is planning on signing up for a chance to marry a total stranger. While two of the three couples seem to be getting along (for the most part), one of the husbands decided to ask his new wife how she feels about threesomes after about two weeks of marriage. #DivorcedAtTwoWeeks would be a great spinoff for Vaughn and Monet.

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