“This is why…”

This is why I wanted to be on Dancing With The Stars.

Bachelor in Paradise continues to be must see TV, and if you’re not watching please stop reading this and log onto ABC.com to catch up. Right now. Seriously. Do it.

After #CrazyClare realized her flavor of the week wasn’t interested in having a relationship with her, she decided to leave the show for good and finally stop embarrassing herself on national television. She couldn’t handle all of the drama, and wishes she was on Dancing with the Stars instead. ABC, please make this possible. I’d also like to request a Bachelor In Paradise reunion show (so Clare can reunite with that raccoon she spilled her life too), and a second season of this masterpiece.

TVQOTW Runner Up: “This is just like that time you two started watching Scandal without me.” -Joss from Mistresses

Joss from Mistresses even fails to entertain, and be one of the best parts of the ABC guilty pleasure. She said the quote above to April and Karen after she found out they were keeping secrets from her. Sidenote there’s only 24 days until Scandal returns!!! (If only we could watch with the Joss, Karen, April and Savi).

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