12 Things I Learned (And Loved) From The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story

A lot of celebrities have written memoirs, but it takes a special memoir to get its own Lifetime movie. Last night The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story aired, and we are forever changed. The movie told the “behind the scenes” story of the 90s sitcom, as told by Dustin Diamond aka Screech (I use quotes because I’ve never really trusted Screech). Regardless of what is “real” or not,  the movie was so damn fun to watch. Let’s look at some of the best moments (and see if you can tell what gifs are from the movie, and what are from the real show).

1. We learned Jennie Garth could have been cast as  Kelly Kapowski, but instead ended up as Kelly Taylor on Beverly Hills, 90210. Tiffani Amber Thiessen showed up on 90210 later as bad girl Valerie Malone. Does this mean Jennie could have been Kelly K and Val and Tiffani Amber could have been Kelly T? #SavedByThe90210 tumblr_nb32gjO1XV1tb8iyko3_400

2. I know Mark-Paul Gosselaar isn’t a natural blonde, but do you think he really touched up his own roots? In the bathroom? By himself? I certainly hope so.tumblr_nb32uiRFD71tb8iyko1_500

3.  I read that Mark-Paul and Lark Voorhies dated during the show, but the fact that Tiffani Amber  made it a love triangle makes it 100% better.tumblr_nb30cpuVUB1tb8iyko1_400

4. “I guess we were just as fake as Zack and Kelly.” Lark, take that back ZACK AND KELLY ARE REAL. #GoAwayLisa tumblr_mgfflpqxHb1s23u1ko1_500

5. Dustin and Screech’s first kiss was Tori Spelling, but Donna Martin had no interest and asked him to introduce her to Mark-Paul. If only TMZ exists during the 90s.


6. “I liked that one [episode]. You know what else I like? You.” Screech using SBTB to try to pick up Tori is everything.tumblr_maat00xnFx1qbq5v7o6_250

7. If I had one wish, it would be to make “time-out” a real thing.


8. Dustin turning to alcohol because he was considered a “nerd” is sort of like an after school special gone bad. #ScreechsFlask #DrunkAuthographSignings #DrunkBoxing


9. How dare Screech laugh at “I’m so excited.” How. Dare. He.tumblr_inline_nb9g9hgp3U1qg7yr7

10. I need more details about “Eric” aka Dustin’s friend who blackmailed him to try to get on Saved By The Bell. I hope he got him a job on “SBTB: The New Class.”


What happened to “No hope with dope,” Screech? WHAT. HAPPENED.

11. “I’m NOT Screech.” Oh, but you are Dustin. giphy

12. According to instagram, Mario Lopez is fighting back with his own memoir after Screech made him look like a jerk who bought girls to The Max to hookup and did pushups in between scenes. Can you say sequel?


Gifs: http://www.tumblr.com

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