“They want to go to bed with you…”

They want to go to bed with you. They want to go to ceramics class with us.

This week’s TV Quote of the Week is from Mindy Kaling’s appearance on Live With Kelly and Michael (only 1 more day until The Mindy Project is back into our lives!). Mindy was talking about the difference between her fans (and Kelly’s fans) and Michael’s fans. She brilliantly explained they want to be her best friend, and Michael’s special friend. Being a fan of both sounds like a pretty solid life to me. #LetsAllBeFriends

TVQOTW Runner Up: “Do you have an attorney?” – Donny from Big Brother

Donny from Big Brother reminded everyone why they loved him so much when BB visited the jury house last week. He was talking to Christine about her relationship with Cody, and I’m pretty sure he was half-joking and half-serious about her need for a divorce lawyer. #TeamDonny

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