Dear ABC Family:

Remember when ABC Family was just reruns of Boy Meets World, Gilmore Girls, 7th Heaven and Full House? Luckily, most of those shows still get some airtime on the network, but these days ABC Family is known for their own original hits like Pretty Little Liars. And in an attempt to capitalize on PLL’s success, the network created a spin-off called Ravenswood with one of PLL’s characters, Caleb Rivers. I’ve never actually seen an episode of Ravenswood, but from the commercials I knew it was a waste of a time-slot (leave shows about ghosts to The CW, ABC Fam). I’m hoping ABC Family is regretting their decision to cancel The Lying Game to make room for Ravenswood, because that’s a show that is sorely missed (twins, murder, Cordelia from Buffy and non-stop drama, what could be better?!). Anyway, I’m hoping this news means Caleb (actor Tyler Blackburn) will be trading in Ravenswood for a ticket back to Rosewood, and we see a Hanna-Caleb reunion ASAP. It’s only been a few episodes, but Hanna just isn’t the same without her bad-boy boyfriend/sidekick. Plus, with the whole “Ezra is A thing,” we need Haleb to take over as PLL’s cutest couple.

And you, Caleb, are needed back in Rosewood ASAP.


3 thoughts on “Dear ABC Family:

  1. Hi Sarah Hearon
    Do you know how I can email michael jacbos I have alot of follow up questions to ask him about the hunter family there is alot of stuff michael jacobs left out and he is working on it on GMW

    In family trees it is revealed that vrina is not shawn mom and jack look into Elaine McGinty and her confirmation on the Internet says that she is not shawn mom so I am always right Vrina Chet Hunter their son eddie Chet Elaine McGinty and they’re son jack and daughter Charlotte


  2. In family trees it is revealed in vrina letter states that she is not shawn mom and with Elaine McGinty search on the Internet says that she is not shawn so that means Elaine McGinty is jack mom and vrina son is Eddie and chet fathered jack and eddie Hunter

    Jack stepfather fathered shawn and refused to put his confirmation on the Internet and he says where is my son


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