“It’s 1976…”

It’s 1976 down there.


A mourning Mellie was hands down the highlight of the season 4 premiere of Scandal, and if she keeps up the Uggs and sass, then I think the whole season will become the Mellie show (and rightfully so).

TVQOTW Runner Up: “It happens all the time. One Thanksgiving, a little boy thought I was the Dora the Explorer balloon.” -Mindy from The Mindy Project

Mindy is talking about how people often confuse her for other things because Danny’s mother thought she was his cleaning lady when she came to his apartment. Mindy is also reminding us why we love her so damn much.

Bonus Quote: “I’m a widow. She widowed me. I’ll never have Alex to myself again.” -Jo from Grey’s Anatomy

Jo is talking about how Meredith is “stealing” her boyfriend from her because she’s lonely without best friend Cristina. While I’ll miss Mer and Cristina moments, I’m looking forward to Alex being Meredith’s person. I hope they take tequila shots together and “dance it out” ASAP.


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