Can’t Miss TV Shows: Fall 2014

I wrote an “official” (quotes because is anything I do really official?) Fall TV preview for Her Campus,, but I want to make another list of shows I need all of you to watch. Some are new, and some are old, but all are completely necessary to live a happy, healthy life (I’m a doctor now, if you haven’t heard).

New: I can’t guarantee all of these shows will be hits, but I haven’t been told I was wrong when recommending a show before. Set your DVR and watch the trailers below. Trust me.


Red Band Society:

Why: This show premiered on Wednesday, and it was the most enjoyable, yet also the saddest hour of my life. It also made me want to move into a hospital and befriend all of these kids.

How To Get Away With Murder:

Why: Shonda Rhimes does not wrong. #EndOfStory

Manhattan Love Story:

Why:Evan from Greek’s return to the small screen is reason enough, plus this show looks like a perfect romantic comedy (that we don’t have to pay $12 at the movies to see).

The Affair:

Why: Nothing says good TV like a scandalous affair, and focusing on the psychological effects of the affair is a good way to shake things up. Plus, Josh Jackson is in it and I’d watch Pacey Witter do anything.


Why: It’s about time E! took a shot at scripted TV, and I’m happy their first attempt is from Mark Schwahn aka the man behind One Tree Hill. I like to imagine this is what is going on behind the scenes of Will & Kate’s life.

State of Affairs:

Why: Despite her bad rep, I can’t help but be excited that Katherine Heigl is back on my television. I also can’t deny that mixing politics and personal drama makes great TV.

Jane The Virgin:

Why: I know this show looks ridiculous, but from what I’m reading it’s one of the biggest surprises this TV season. The actress who plays Jane seems like she would be fun to root for, and The CW is very good at making random, out-there storylines seem worthwhile and entertaining.

Bad Judge:

I’m curious to see Kate Walsh in a comedy, and I miss Addison. #PlainAndSimple


Why: This show looks terrifying in the best way possible. I probably won’t be able to watch it at night, or be able to sleep in my house alone, but it just might be worth it.

Returning: If you don’t watch the shows below (shame on you!), use Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu or whatever website (legal or illegal) you can get your hands on to catch up. I promise you won’t regret it (if you do, you can go shave your back now).tumblr_lsmh5hFaK71qhehv3

Once Upon A Time:

Why: OUAT brought my favorite fairytale characters to life, and I am forever grateful. I always knew my girl Belle was out there somewhere.


Why: After a rocky 2nd season, Revenge was back on track in its 3rd season, and the finale teased so much drama to come.

Grey’s Anatomy:

Why: Grey’s might have different doctors than the last time you tuned in, but I swear the show is just as great as ever.


Why: If you like jaw-dropping cliffhangers, steamy sex scenes and fabulous white coats, this is the show for you.

New Girl:

Why: The premiere proved New Girl is just as funny as ever, and the chemistry between Jess and her male roommates makes this a very entertaining half hour.

The Mindy Project:

Why: I guarantee you will think “that’s so true” and “I wish Mindy was my best friend,” at least 10 times during every episode.

Chicago PD:

Why: Watching Brooke Davis (Sophia Bush) be a badass never gets old. Plus, Chicago PD manages to bring their own spin to a traditional cop drama and keep things fresh.

The Good Wife:

Why: I’ll admit I’m only on the second season of this courtroom drama, but Alicia Florrick is my new role model.

About a Boy:

Why: I dare you to watch this sitcom and not smile for the entire 22 minutes.


Why: There’s only 13 episodes of Phood left, and I haven’t been this upset about a show ending since the first time Lauren Graham finished a series. You’ll cry from laughing so hard, and laugh from crying so hard.


Why: Hayden Panettiere is born to play Juliette Barnes, and I can only imagine what the extra hormones (she’s pregnant in real life and rumor has it on-screen too) will do to this dramatic character. The music is also A+, and so is Tami Taylor (Connie Britton).

The Vampire Diaries:

Why: One of the only teen dramas on my list (I’m surprised too), TVD never fails to bring on the love triangles, surprising deaths and shocking twists.

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