I want to congratulate…

I want to congratulate all of you on dating naked.

Dating Naked premiered on VH1 this week, and it was hands down the weirdest 60 minutes of my life. Not only was one of the contestants (are they considered contestants? or just fame-hungry morons?) named Wee Wee, but most of them were worried about coming off as “desperate.” You’re on a show called DATING NAKED, you will never not be considered desperate for the rest of your life. Plus the quote above is from the host of the show, some nobody named Amy, and I’m confused about the “congratulations.” Congratulations on graduation makes sense, congratulations on making a major life decision like marriage makes sense, congratulations on dating naked translates to congratulations on letting 5 strangers (plus host Amy) see you naked and let the world watch you cringe as you decide “where to look.”

TVQOTW Runner Up: “I’ve seen medical dramas and McSquirmy or whoever is always stepping out of the OR to call somebody.” -Joss from Mistresses

Joss made a Grey’s Anatomy reference when she was upset with her new doctor boyfriend, and it made my night. Only 68 days until we’re back in Shondaland and all is right with the world (Grey’s, Scandal, Murder, oh my!).

Bonus Quote: “I am North West… The shiniest star in the sky.” -Kourtney Kardashian

Because even though this quote is a joke made by Kourtney on last week’s KUWTK, I’m pretty sure Kanye probably tells his daughter North to repeat this every night before she goes to bed.

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