“Luck isn’t getting…”

Luck isn’t getting what you want. It’s surviving what you don’t want.

This week’s TV Quote of the Week is from FOX’s new drama, The Red Band Society. Leo, the founder of the “red band society” in the hospital, says the quote above his cancer and all of the various illness the kids are facing. I can’t stress enough that you should watch this show, and I promise you will want to hug the heck out of it.

TVQOTW Runner Up: “What, I can’t film my life? Some white slob eats fast food every day and wins an Oscar? Come on, one of y’all throw a punch, my phone battery’s about to die.” -Tamra from The Mindy Project

On a lighter note, the runner up is from the season 3 premiere of The Mindy Project.  Peter and Jimmy are fighting and Tamra tries to film them on her iPhone, reminding all of us that every character on The Mindy Project is hilarious.

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