Pretty Little Liars Season 5B Premiere Recap

It’s time for another round of Pretty Little Liars thoughts and suggested hashtags. Season 5B premiered on ABC Family last night, and the show is just as wonderful  interesting  bizarre  fun confusing as ever.

1. Do Hanna’s hair extensions have their own twitter account yet?
2. Ali is the DUFF.
3. Mona’s mom is more badass than all four liars put together.
4. I still don’t understand how they let the chick from Ned’s Declassified on this show.
5. Hanna and ice cream? #HeftyForever
6. Caleb’s mustache makes him look like a sex offender.
7. #AriasRapeWhistle
8. Spencer and Teresa Giudice could hang out in prison.
9. “People leave and people die.” Mike is the new Peyton Sawyer. #PeopleAlwaysLeave
10. “I eat a lot of fiber.” Hanna’s one-liners never disappoint.
11. Emily definitely stole Ali’s hairbrush because she’s still in love with her. #HairBrushFetish
12. Jason is jealous Ali has more baby pictures. *cue Nick Jonas’s song Jealous*
13. Emily and Spencer’s matching buns are not cute.
14. When did Mona have time to read?
15. Is Mrs Grunwald compelling her? #VampireStatus
16. The Montgomery Family eyebrow game is so strong.
17. I wonder if Aria and Mike know their mom is currently on a road trip with Shannen Doherty.
18. Paige and Emily’s airport goodbye is like a way (way, way, WAY) less cute version of Ross and Rachel (Paige is definitely the Ross).
19. I want to get those fireworks for next 4th of July.

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