People’s Choice Awards Recap

The People’s Choice Awards was on last night, and the fan voted award show served as the perfect way to warm up for the impending Award Season– the Globes, SAGs, Grammys and Oscars are on the way! In the meantime, here’s some commentary on the most important moments during the PCAs.

It’s a toss up between Prince Charming & Snow White and Crosby Braverman & Veronica Mars for best red carpet couple.

I forgot Anna Faris & Chris Pratt were so cute.

tumblr_nhu6glkMgC1s6z4zdo2_500 tumblr_nhu6glkMgC1s6z4zdo1_500
Tbt to when Chris was Ché on The OC.

I thought Kevin Hart with a selfie stick would be funnier.

Does anyone remember the last time they went to the theaters to see an Adam Sandler movie?

I hope Mom is funnier than Anna and Allison hosting an award show for Mom’s sake.

Kristina and Crosby! My heart.

“I was late getting here because I was up very late last night watching you on my television.” Iggy watches Parenthood?! My heart again.

I didn’t know Katharine McPhee was still a thing.

The Band Perry brother’s ponytail looks much better than I thought a Band Perry brother’s ponytail ever would.

Did we know Hunter Hayes had a girlfriend? Did we know Hunter Hayes liked girls?

Portia’s hair is on point.

Betty White got the biggest round of applause so far! She deserved it. But do you think she heard it?

What the hell does #StashTheRolls mean? CBS go home, you’re drunk.

“It still counts, Scary Movie 1,2, 3 and not 5.” Burn Anna Faris, BURN.

Are they selling contacts called “Matt Bomer” yet?

Is Kaley Cuoco trying to bring gauchos back?

Not cool that the inevitable cancellation of Red Band Society is being rubbed in our faces right now. #DrMcAndrew </3

People's Choice Awards 2015 Nominations Press Conference
Ben Affleck for President. And Sexiest Man Alive.

It’s every clear Chloe Grace Moretz won this award because is the only person that would show up to accept it.

I’m choosing to believe the Ellen Pompeo celebrated her win by dancing it out with tequila shots.

The cast of Grey’s Anatomy is the definition of squad goals. Except for Maggie. She can go shave her back now.

If only Bellamy Young came out with fried chicken. #SmellyMellie

Happy Viola Davis won, but sad she didn’t say “How to get away with murder” or “Why is your penis on a dead girl’s phone” during her acceptance speech.

I thought Rainn Wilson was going to be Rebel Wilson and now I’m disappointed. Goodnight.


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