20 Things Worth Talking About At Easter (or Passover) Dinner

There’s a good chance you’re going to be spending a lot of time with your family this weekend, so when the conversation gets boring or too heated, here’s 20 trending topics to turn to.

1. Fuller House: No that’s not a typo, there are rumors that Netflix is planning a Full House spinoff called Fuller House that stars DJ Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler. Think about all of the reminiscing and storyline brainstorming this topic could bring up.

2. Tidal: Jay-Z and friends are saying bye Felicia to Spotify and other music streaming services and starting their own. In other words, Jay-Z,  Beyonce and Kanye are officially in the Illuminati, and it should get intense at the dinner table when you debate whether or not Madonna’s new single is worth $10 a month.

3. The Voice: The singing competition is about to hit the live rounds, and your fam could discuss who they think the front-runners are or if they would pick Blake, Adam, Christina or Pharrell when they try out of the show. Other important topics include did Adam Levine look like a 4th grader in his polo during the knock-out rounds and is there anyone worse at hosting a show than Carson Daly.

4. The Price is Right: Remember when the Price is Right was simply the show you watched when you faked sick and stayed home from school? Now the show is making headlines for bringing back Bob Barker for an episode and one of the models accidentally revealing the correct price AKA the whole point of the show. Should the model be fired? Is she a moron? Is Drew Carey doing Bob Barker justice? Discuss over appetizers.

5. Sam Smith’s Weight Loss: The Grammy Award winning singer is making headlines for losing a lot of weight in a short amount of time. Is it even possible to lose 14 lbs in 14 days? Is he giving into Hollywood pressures? Is there something else going on?

6. Reign Aston Disick: Kourtney Kardashian finally posted a picture of her new son, and I think it’s safe to say Reign is 10x cuter than North West. Pass the picture of the baby around the dinner table and debate celebrity baby names. Is Reign a dumb name? Are you mad about Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively naming their DAUGHTER James? Will Kimye name their second kid South? You can also use this topic as a transition and find out when your siblings or cousins are planning on having their own Blue Ivy or Apple.

7. Lip Synch Battle: Nothing will break the tension in the room like watching Spike TV’s new show Lip Synch Battle. It’s like Jimmy Fallon’s lip synch segment on The Tonight Show, but it’s an hour and has Chrissy Teigen as the host. Once everyone has enough wine, you should have your own Lip Synch battle.

8. March Madness: Sure, you could talk about the actual sport, but March Madness/ basketball is really all about the memes coming from the audience and band members these days. Pass around the best ones, and create some of your own captions (this one will also be better after a lot of wine or fireball shots).

9. Giuliana Rancic: The E News host who usually reports the celebrity news, has been the celebrity news lately. It all started when she made that controversial joke on Fashion Police, and continued with her too-skinny figure. Giuliana has apologized for the joke, explained her appearance is because of her breast cancer medicine and has also revealed her surrogate has miscarried her last embryo. You can talk Team G or Team Kelly on Fashion Police, or about what Giuliana and Bill should do next.

10. Trevor Noah: The new host of The Daily Show is under fire for “offensive” tweets that he sent years ago (we’re talking 2011 when Taylor Swift was still a country singer). I recommend reading the tweets at the dinner table round robin style– you will see who laughs at everything/ has no heart, and who is way too sensitive (this would one could end in really great arguments).

11. Chris the Bachelor on Dancing with the Stars: If there are any Bachelor fans in your family, you need to update them on Chris Soules on DWTS. A direct quote from Prince Farming is “I just don’t get the counting.” He was also told to “work on the details.” This dude should have quit when he was ahead and gone back to the corn.  Once you’re done laughing at Chris, move onto whether or not he is going to cheat on new fiancé Whitney with dancing partner Witney, and whether you’re Team Kaitlyn or Britt for the Bachelorette.

12. Married At First Sight: The bizarre reality show is back for a second season, and I think discussing whether or not your super single relative would go on the show and marry a stranger is perfect for Easter.

13. Jay Cutler: The Bears QB is making headlines for not getting any bids on a football he signed at a charity auction. #Lol.  A good transition for this one could be Team KCav or LC, or reality shows (scripted or not) in general. If that doesn’t work, there’s always the classic quarterback debate: Who is the best in the NFL right now? Who is the best of all time? Why is Tim Tebow still trying to make Tim Tebow happen? And who should be the quarterback of the greatest college football team ever, The Ohio State Buckeyes?

14. Will & Kristen on Lifetime: When news broke the other day that Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig filmed a Lifetime movie, the internet exploded with joy. But shortly after, Will said the movie would never air because it was supposed to be a surprise and now it’s ruined. Do you think Will is being ridiculous and sensitive? Are you or your cousins losing sleep over this movie? I mean just think about how much better The Pregnancy Pact would have been if Will and Kristen starred in it.

15. New Girl pickup: New Girl was picked up for a fifth season the other day, but there was no news on fellow FOX comedy The Mindy Project. This topic opens up the discussion on what TV shows everyone has been watching, and gives you the opportunity to break the news if your second cousin twice removed’s favorite show has been cancelled.

16. Miley taking Patrick back: There are a lot of pictures of Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger getting a little too close to another girl on Spring Break, and a lot of people figured Miley would call it quits after the photos leaked. However, the two have been spotted together and it appears they are still dating. Pass the pictures around the dessert table and find out if your family members would have stayed with Patrick or not. If young celeb couples turn out to be a good topic for your fam, think about bringing up the Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield breakup rumors.

18. Calvin Harris and  Taylor Swift: The King and Queen of pop music and serial dating have been spotted holding hands and “getting cozy.” Will these two new lovebirds make it last? Is T Swift destined to be alone? Are they both just gathering material for their next albums? Maybe your uncle has all of the answers. #MostImporantHandHoldInAmerica

19. Zayn from 1D: Did Zayn from One Direction quit to go solo? Is he actually “stressed?” Is he the JT of NSYNC? Will tween girls around the world ever recover? There’s endless possibilities with this one.

20. Did Rihanna steal BBHMM? Rihanna’s new song, Bitch Better Have My Money (no, I’m not making this up), is being compared to a song that was released last year called Betta Have My Money. If you force your family to listen to both songs, the terrible lyrics and the similarities will keep things interesting after the coffee is served.

Gifs and pics courtesy of http://www.tumblr.com.

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