10 Things Kimye and Hillary Clinton Definitely Talked About

While people are still talking about last week’s Republican debate, I’m talking about something more important that went down in politics that night. It all started when Kim Kardashian West tweeted about meeting Hillary Clinton and wanting a selfie with her.

The world wondered: Will Kim get her selfie? Will her and Hillary have riveting conversation? Will Kanye be there and interrupt her speech? Thank god we got to see the now infamous selfie (pictured above). As for the rest of the unanswered questions, my expertise and I got you covered:

1. Pantsuits: There is no doubt in my mind that this topic was discussed. Hillary argued that her pantsuits were more practical, and Kim explained fashion should come first.

2. Selfies: Kimye 100% gave Hillary a quick selfie lesson. They wouldn’t want our potential President to be incapable of taking a good selfie! #Gasp! I’m also assuming Hillary asked Kim to sign her copy of Kim’s selfie book Selfish (and she will probs anonymously sell it on EBay at a later date).

3. Sex Scandals: The one thing Kim and Hillary actually have in common is they have both been tied to A+ scandals. I’m picturing a heated debate on whether media in Hollywood or media in Washington DC is harsher.

4. Hillary & Bill, The Reality Show: Momanger Kris Jenner stepped in during this conversation and tired to pitch Hillary reality TV as a backup plan if this President thing doesn’t work out (and ensured her producer credit).

5. Chelsea babysitting North West: To ensure Kimye’s donation to the cause, Hill def volunteered her daughter to babysit Nori. Kim wants references. 

6. Kanye running for VP: Yeezus stayed out of the conversation until he saw an opening and went on an hour long rant about why he is the best person in the world (period, and to be the Vice President).

7. Bachelor in Paradise: How many times will Ashely I cry this season? Will a couple end up engaged? Is Clare going to run off with the raccoon? A Presidential candidate cannot go into a debate without knowing the answers to these questions. Kim and her reality TV knowledge helped out.

8. Hair: I don’t know if Kim tried to convince Hillary to try Kylie’s hair extension line or if she just begged her to try a new style.

9. Baby Names: Hillary weighed in on whether East, West or South was the best direction for Kimye baby #2’s name.

10. Kim’s Instagram: This epic convo probably wrapped up with Kim getting Hillary’s opinion on what picture to post to celebrate reaching 42 million Instagram followers. #MakingTheWorldABetterPlace #OneSideBoobShotAtATime

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