25 Questions I Need Answers To ASAP

I’m heading back to Columbus more confused than when I left. It’s been a long summer and the news from Hollywood just didn’t stop. Pop Culture Gods, please send me some answers, a sign or some good news…

1. Does Caitlyn Jenner know that Pretty Little Liars basically made her A?
2. When is someone going to punch the Affleck Nanny in the face and end Nanny-gate?
3. Why didn’t Rachel invite Joey and Chandler to her wedding?
4. When is ABC going to confirm Ben H as the next Bachelor?
5. Is Lamar trying to get Khloé back?

6. Why didn’t Catt replace Giuliana on E News?
7. Can I be the next Food Network Star?
8. Is Kylie’s hair going to stay the same color for longer than three hours ever again?
9. Does Prince George listen to “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” as his nap-time lullaby?
10. Does Taylor Swift ask celebrities to join her on stage or do celebrities ask Taylor Swift?

11. Are DJ and Steve going to get back together on Fuller House?
12. How awkward is the first country music award show going to be post-Blake and Miranda’s split?
13. When are Kourtney and Scott going to get back together?
14. Are any of the contestants on BB17 worthy of winning Big Brother?
15. Who gave Ice T and Coco a talk show?

16. Has Chris Soules signed up for FarmersOnly.com yet?
17. Are Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift going to fight at the VMAs?
18. Are the Duggars going to find their way back onto TV?
19. Can we get an update on Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch?
20. Is Britney Spears ever going to find love?

21. Is Nick going to show up on the next season of The Bachelorette?
22. Has Leighton Meester given birth yet?
23. When is Gigi Hadid going to realize she’s dating a washed up JoBro and get back together with Cody Simpson?
24. Why did Charlize Theron and Sean Penn break up?
25. How do I get my hair to look like Billy Ray Cyrus’s?

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