10 (Fictional) Performers I Want To See On Taylor Swift’s Stage

Inspired by Lisa Kudrow gracing T. Swift’s stage on Wednesday night to sing her alter ego’s trademark song, Smelly Cat, I put together a list of other bands and singers from TV shows that I want to join the 1989 Tour. It’s hard to beat Phoebe Buffay, but these other acts would make my day..

1. Haley James Scott

2. Paige Michalchuk and the Sex Kittens (PMS)
*The fact that PMS isn’t on Youtube is a #crime.

3. Zack Attack

4. Crucifictorious

5. Joey Potter

6. Jesse and the Rippers

Full House Bonus: Girl Talk

7. Caroline Forbes

8. Hep Alien

9. Juliette Barnes and Rayna James

10. Mouse Rat

Bonus: Kim Kardashian West (I know she is technically a real person, but this went down on TV and it would be seriously epic).

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