18 Reasons Justin Bieber Cried At The 2015 VMAs

After spending 2+ years posting selfies and getting arrested for bringing monkeys into different countries, Justin Bieber released new music and performed at the MTV Video Music Awards. His performance actually went pretty well, too. It was vintage Biebs in all his glory:


But then, after he finished, he pulled a Kim K and started to ugly cry on stage.


He literally had no chill.


So naturally, I put together a list of the reasons why I think J Biebs acted like a girl after McDreamy died on Greys:

1. He can’t decide if he’s Team Miley or Team Nicki.

2. Furthermore, he can’t handle all of the pop stars fighting. #LetsBakeACakeOfRainbowsAndSmiles
3. He misses that aforementioned monkey.

4. He was mad he was missing Bachelor in Paradise.
5. He realized Selena left the audience during his performance.
6. Jared Leto stole his jacket.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 11.29.08 AM

7. Kanye West won’t let him be his VP.
8. He wasn’t invited to be in Bad Blood and seeing all the models together reminded him of the emotional trauma.
9. He’s so happy that Rob Kardashian is finally working out.
10. Tish, Brandi AND Noah Cyrus denied him after he hit on them.

11. He wanted to be the next Bachelor.
12. He’s upset everyone is fat-shaming pregnant Kim Kardashian.
13. Someone spoiled who got nominated on Big Brother.
14. Jaden Smith wouldn’t share any of his water.

15. He was scared to fly during his performance and he’s so happy it went well.
16. The Wildest Dreams music video (and Scott Eastwood) was just too much to process.
17. He wasn’t invited to any VMA After parties.
18. He saw this meme comparing his hair to Kate Gosselin’s.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 11.36.49 AM

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