10 Times Missy From ‘Bring It On’ Was Your Spirit Animal

Missy Pantone is one of the sassiest, badass cheerleaders that the world has ever seen. Inspired by the first episode of We Love The 2000s, here’s a few times I’ve channeled my inner Missy. Because honestly, there’s a little bit of Missy in all of us:

When you’re trying to make the most of a bad situation:


When you get good news:


When you’re listening to someone talk about their relationship:


When someone makes a passive aggressive comment:


When you’re trying to support a friend after they did something stupid:


When the guy at the bar gets up close and personal too quick:


When your song comes on:


When you’re feeling self-conscious about your outfit:


When you find out someone lies to you:


When you’re #feelingyourself:


For more Bring It On greatness, download my podcast We Love The 2000s.

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