The 100 Episode Club

Making it to 100 episodes is a huge accomplishment for any TV show, and last night The Vampire Diaries became the newest member of the 100 episode club. Watching another show reach 100 episodes had me thinking about my other favorites, and when they hit the big 1-0-0. (Spoiler alert if you haven’t made it to season 5— that’s when the big birthday usually hits.)

Weddings: A classic choice for a memorable 100th episode that Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls and Grey’s Anatomy all opted for. Gossip Girl‘s 100th centered around Blair’s wedding to Prince Louis. Our queen was going to be a real princess! Unlike in other shows, this couple actually does say “I Do” (even though her ex-boyfriend, best friends, parents and our favorite blogger try to stop her—I don’t know if you’ve caught on, but it’s B’s world and we’re all just reading about it). Naturally, her sweet Prince turns out to be one of Gossip Girl’s biggest villains and their marriage basically ends before the episode does. All in a day’s work for our favorite Upper East Siders. One Tree Hill went even more dramatic with Lindsey leaving Lucas at the altar (took the bitch long enough to figure out she didn’t stand a chance against P. Sawyer) and the return of Nanny Carrie. It wouldn’t be OTH without a good love triangle moment, psycho killer on the loose and a happy ending— all of which the 100th episode includes. Bonus points for the Nathan and Haley rain kiss and Dan Scott’s comeback. I wish Gilmore Girls’ 100th was a Luke-Lorelai wedding, but alas, it’s Emily and Richard renewing their vows and totally f-ing things up for our favorite single mom and diner owner. This episode also unfortunately marks the beginning of Rory and Logan, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who ranks him 3rd in the epic battle for Rory’s heart (#TeamJess). GG’s 100th may have left fans on a sour note, but it stirred up the pot and caused a lot of the drama that comes back in one of Gilmore’s best episodes–Friday Night’s Alright For Fighting. When viewers turned on Grey’s 100th episode, they expected Mer and Der to finally live McDreamily ever after. Instead, terminally ill Izzie and her on-again-off-again bad boy Alex walk down the aisle. The wedding is a tear-jerker and goes down in Grey’s history, and would definitely make Izzie and Alex our favorite couple if Katherine Heigl didn’t up and quit after Izzie beat her cancer battle. Damn you Katherine Heigl for wanting to spend more time with your kids. Damn. You.

Life… or Death: The birth of a child (or three) is a classic milestone for most TV characters and couples. After watching Phoebe during her hilarious pregnancy on Friends, we finally see her give birth to her brother’s triplets (yes, you read that right) when Friends turns 100. Kitty from That 70’s Show and Frank Buffay Jr. name their newborn son Frank Jr. Jr,  and daughters Leslie and Chandler (much to male Chandler’s dismay) and chaos ensues. There’s nothing like having all 6 Friends characters in one place, and the only episode that beats the 100th is the 200th.  Buffy The Vampire Slayer went for the shock factor, and well, killed Buffy. She sacrifices herself for mini Georgia Sparks aka her sister Dawn, and the world weeped fearing Buffy was gone forever. However, true Buffy fans would remember Buffy died once before on the show, and came back better than ever. Her recovery from her second death proves more difficult, but it brought us an epic musical episode and soundtrack so the tears were well worth it. In Joss Whedon, we trust.

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