When Your Favorite Show Goes on Hiatus

There’s nothing worse than finishing an episode of your favorite show and hearing “[insert show here] will return on [insert random date that feels so far into the future it may never arrive here].” Waiting a whole week is hard enough; don’t networks understand the only thing keeping a TV fan going on a bad day is their favorite show on that night? Something in our lives needs to remain stable (and it sure as hell isn’t  going to be work, school or relationships).

The technical term for the random break a show takes during the year is called “hiatus.” It’s usually because of major holidays, sporting events or to spread the show out long enough to last from September premieres to May sweeps. I get the concept, but I don’t see the need. True TV fans (TTVFs) will ditch their families for an hour on Christmas to see what happens with Julia and Joel’s relationship on Parenthood. TTVFs will miss a few innings during The World Series to see what trouble A is stirring up on Pretty Little Liars. TTVFs think asking for 43 episodes a season instead of 22 is NOT too much to ask for.

TV networks just don’t understand.


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