Thank You, TV Gods

Ask and you shall receive? Just last night I ranted about missing my favorite shows because of the Olympics (see below for that and Ashley Wagner’s face) and today NBC released a press release announcing their plans to air Parenthood, Chicago Fire, Grimm and Parks and Recreation videos as a part of a mini series to keep fans focused on their favorite characters without new episodes. The shorts are going to air on, Hulu and YouTube, and will each have four parts.

Chicago Fire’s short is called “I Am A Firefighter,” and follows Gabriela Dawson working on her firefighter training. I’ve only seen this show a few times, but I’m sure this short will be dramatic and filled with action, just like the full episodes. Parks and Recreation’s short, “The Hapley Group,” is centered around Perd Hapley and a group of reporters debating the city’s hot topics, and the round-table format will certainly bring plenty of laughs. Grimm’s short (which is on my list of shows to watch), “Love is in the Air,” is about a Valentine’s Day Spa Party and a love spell gone wrong.

In my humble opinion, the most important short, Parenthood’s, will star Amber and Max working after hours at the Luncheonette (Adam and Crosby’s recording studio). And BEST of all— the short will feature Landry Clarke (Jesse Plemons) and Billy Riggins (Derek Phillips) playing LANDRY CLARKE AND BILLY RIGGINS! (say it with me now— CLEAR EYES, FULL HEARTS, CAN’T LOSE!) The Friday Night Lights characters come to Berkeley, California, because of Landry’s band, Crucifictorious, and I’m sure chaos ensues. So basically, I plan on listing Jason Katims (FNL & Parenthood producer) on things I’m thankful for every Thanksgiving for the next 30 years.

I know the Olympics are technically only airing on NBC, but other networks have their shows on hiatus too (apparently everyone is afraid to compete with figure skating), so how about it ABC, The CW and CBS? I promise to write descriptions of your shorts, too.

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