USA wins the Internet, Ashley Wagner Takes Home the Gold

I’m not trying to say that the Olympics aren’t important (I would never hate on anything that helped bring Bruce Jenner into my life #TeamPonytail), but I am trying to say that they’re not as important as my regular scheduled programming. Football season is over and baseball doesn’t start for a few months, so can’t ESPN fit some events in in-between basketball games? Or can’t they air it online? (I’m sure Ryan Seacrest and the whole E! team would bring their Glam Cam 360 for the live-stream just like on the red carpets). We’re all in this together TV addicts, and there’s only 18 days, 20 hours, 30 minutes and 1 second until Grey’s Anatomy returns (add another hour and you’ve got Parenthood and Scandal back in your life too). In the meantime, at least Ashley Wagner’s (the ice skater who thought her score was too low) face is entertaining… Watch out McKayla Maroney….





And of course, a flappy bird mention.

Maybe the Olympics aren’t so bad after all. Athletes take note, this is how you get your own TV special (trust me, it’s coming).

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