The 1st Annual Academy Awards for Television Characters

It’s become very common for TV shows to have characters that want to be and/or become writers, actors or singers, and I’ve decided to give them the recognition they deserve. Welcome to the 1st Annual Academy Awards for Television Characters.

Best Actor in a Leading Role: Joey Tribbiani (Days of Our Lives: The Movie)
After years playing Dr. Drake Ramoray on Days of Our Lives, Joey finally hits the big screen when the soap opera makes a feature film.

Best Actress in a Leading Role: Manny Santos (Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh!)
Jay and Slient Bob go to Degrassi Community School for a casting call, and aspiring actress Manny Santos gets her first big role.

Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Jerry “Smith” Jerrod (That Barbarian Movie He Leaves Samantha to Shoot)
Smith, Samantha’s boyfriend and client, makes the move from model to actor in this unnamed movie where he plays a barbarian.

Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Brenda Walsh (Cat in the Hot Tin Roof)
After beating Kelly and that psycho Laura for the lead role in Cat in the Hot Tin Roof their freshmen year of college, Brenda wins the role again for the big screen version.

Best Adapted Screenplay: Inside (Dan Humphrey)
Dan turns his infamous book about his Upper East Side friends, Inside, into a film in the series finale of Gossip Girl, and it wins the Oscar the following year.

Best Original Screenplay: Hannah’s Untitled eBook (Hannah Horvath)
After Hannah recovers from the news that her eBook will not be published, she realizes it would make a better movie anyway.

Best Animated Feature: Atomic County (Seth Cohen)
Seth steals his comic book back from Zach, and takes the next step by turning the adventures of The Ironist, Little Miss Vixen, Kid Chino and Cosmo Girl into a movie.

Best Costume Design: An Unkindness of Ravens (Brooke Davis)
Years after Julian fails to get An Unkindness of Ravens made, he tries again and is successful. Brooke returns to her role as costume designer and earns enough money to start Clothes over Bros again.

Best Directing: The Creek: The Movie (Dawson Leery)
To wrap up his series, The Creek, Dawson makes a feature film that helps him win his first Oscar and become an Academy Award Winning Director.

Best Original Song: Life is A Show (Mewesical High)
Manny Santos scores her second Academy Award when her song in Mewesical High (the role she steals from Paige in Degrassi Goes Hollywood) wins for Best Original Song.

Best Picture: Seven Dreams Til Tuesday
Alex Dupree and Julian Baker team up to write Seven Dreams Til Tuesday, and after its success at a film festival in season 7 of One Tree Hill, it gains attention and is released worldwide.

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