How to Fill Out your Bracket for the 1st Round of the NCAA Tournament: TV Addict Edition

Ah, March Madness. The time of year where my twitter feed becomes about basketball instead of who A is on Pretty Little Liars. It’s my first time filling out a bracket on my own (usually my dad does most of the work), and it’s harder than I thought. The tournament starts with 64 rounds! 64! How the hell is a girl who spends her time re-watching One Tree Hill supposed to pick 32 different winners? Then I realized, I could have some fun with this. I picked randomly for some games and went based on the rankings for others. But for the majority, I picked based on what I know best: television (with a hint of pop culture). Some of these are a stretch, but it’s just the way my TV-loving mind works.

Western Michigan vs Syracuse: Syracuse
Why: “We built this Schmidt-y on Tootsie Rolls.” When I think Syracuse, I think of Fat Schmidt flashbacks on New Girl because that’s where he went to school. Bonus points because Aria on Pretty Little Liars “visited” Cuse a couple weeks ago on the show.

UCLA vs Tulsa: UCLA
Why: Remember when Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth were best friends on Laguna Beach and then there was no talk of Lo on the first few seasons of The Hills? That’s because Lo went to UCLA, while LC went to fashion school. Later on we find out the evil (and shady!) Jen Bunney contributed to the rift as well, but we all know the Laurens found their way back to each other in the end.

Pittsburgh vs Colorado: Pittsburgh
Why: My So-Called Life only ran for one season, but that’s all it really needed to leave an impression on my heart. Watching Angela Chase (a young Claire Danes!) try to make her way through Liberty High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania should be reason enough to have Pitt winning. Bonus points because Jared Leto aka Jordan Catalano has an Oscar now.

Ohio State vs Dayton: Ohio State
Why: One of the only things I remembered about my Ohio State college tour is that University Hall is Hollis College on Pretty Little Liars. And once I arrived in the fall, you better believe one of my first instagrams was of University Hall (now I’m just waiting to have a class in it).

New Mexico vs Stanford: Stanford
Why: If it’s good enough for Cristina Yang, it’s good enough for me. Dr. Yang is a Stanford alumni, and I think the Seattle Grace crew should trade in their baseball bats for basketballs this season (mostly because I want to see Cristina and Meredith hide a flask in a bball).

Memphis vs George Washington: GW
Why: When I think Washington, I think Scandal. And if I’ve learned anything from the show, it’s never root against Olivia Pope.

Cincinnati vs Harvard: Cincinnati
Why: I don’t have any connection to Cincinnati, but I know I can’t root for Harvard because Rory Gilmore picked Yale after years of thinking Harvard was the school for her. Bonus points because Blair Waldorf would have gone to Yale if that slutty teacher didn’t mess everything up.

Iowa State vs N.C. Central: Iowa State
Why: I don’t remember if Alex Karev went to school at Iowa State or the University of Iowa, but I do know that my favorite Grey’s Anatomy doctor popped into my head the second I read “Iowa.”
tumblr_mivm3srPKJ1qb5c2jo1_250 tumblr_mivm3srPKJ1qb5c2jo10_250

St Joes vs Connecticut: Connecticut
Why: If I could live anywhere in the world it would be Stars Hollow, Connecticut. I’m choosing to believe it does exist (even though I’m pretty sure Gilmore Girls filmed in California), and the town is hosting some sort of bizarre March Madness festival where Kirk and Taylor go head to head in a game of horse.
tumblr_meexkhVmf71r4e10po7_250 tumblr_meexkhVmf71r4e10po8_250

Arizona vs Weber St: Arizona
Why: One of the only Kardashians to actually go to college, Kourtney Kardashian went to Arizona and recently visited in an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians. She’s clearly making great use of her degree. Bonus points because Arizona’s mascot is the wildcats and I have a thing for High School Musical.

North Dakota St vs Oklahoma: North Dakota St
Why: I don’t know what is in Oklahoma, but I do know that my favorite Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea lives in one of the Dakotas. Her kid is totally the cutest and she’s easily the most sane, so I’m sure North Dakota St is good at basketball, right?

San Diego State vs New Mexico State: San Diego State
Why: Neptune, California AKA where Veronica Mars does her crime solving, is really San Diego. San Diego State also served as one of the many filming locations for Veronica’s fictional school, Hearst College.

Baylor vs Nebraska: Baylor
Why: I don’t even know where Baylor is, but I do know Selena Gomez named her dog Baylor. I approve of the name and the cute puppy.

Creighton vs Louisiana: Creighton
Why: Duh, because it sounds like Leighton! Leighton Meester played one of my all time favorite characters, Blair Waldorf, and when I see Creighton it usually comes out as Leighton.

BYU vs Oregon: BYU
Why: I’ll never forget that awkward moment when Morgan from Laguna Beach didn’t get into Brigham Young University. Known as the show’s resident virgin, it was the only school she applied to and the scene where she gets rejected defines “fml.”
tumblr_makcckJa981r6atyzo2_250 tumblr_makcckJa981r6atyzo1_250

St Louis vs NC St/Xavier: St Louis
Why: Remember when Jennifer Hudson played Miss Louise from St Louis in the Sex and the City movie? Me too, so hopefully St Louis is as good at basketball as Jennifer was as Carrie Bradshaw’s assistant.
(Also I’m aware this gif is from Dream Girls but turns out there’s no gifs of her in SATC. You failed me, Internet).

Duke vs Mercer: Duke
Why: It was Nathan Scott’s dream to play at Duke. And even though One Tree Hill ended up making him a point shaver and had Rick Fox totally ruin his dreams, I’m sure he still roots for the blue devils.

Texas vs Arizona State: Texas
Why: CLEAR EYES, FULL HEARTS, CAN’T LOSE! I know Friday Night Lights is about Texas football, but as far as I’m concerned, “Texas forever” means the whole state. If only I could watch the game and split a six pack with Tim Riggins.
tumblr_lu6gwzz9b01qalcu6o6_250 tumblr_lu6gwzz9b01qalcu6o3_250

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