10 Reasons I Already Miss Cristina Yang

SO.MANY.FEELS. Grey’s Anatomy was changed forever tonight when Meredith Grey said goodbye to her twisted sister Cristina Yang. It’s hard to explain what the doctor’s exit means to the medical drama, but I made a list earlier today that touches on why I’ll miss Cristina.

1. We’ll never see Meredith & Cristina dance it out again:
dance it out

2. Or see them drink (tequila) together:
tequila tequila2

3. Or comfort each other like no one else can:
bethere bethere2

4. Or just be each other’s person:

5. The hospital won’t be the same without her witty one-liners:

6. Or her ability to say everything she means with just a look:

7. Anyone else Owen dates will never compare to his love for Cristina:

8. Her skills and intensity turning surgery cannot be matched or replaced:

9. Alex and Meredith are the only two left from their intern year and Cristina leaving makes it feel like the good old days are officially over:

10. No other character reacts (or melts down) quite like Cristina:

Gifs: http://www.tumblr.com

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