Big Brother Recap: Week 3


Paola’s gone and Devin’s days are numbered! After Pow-Pow was evicted from the house, Derrick and Nicole won HOH. Derrick nominated Caleb and Jocasta, while Nicole nominated Donny and Amber. Caleb actually volunteered to be nominated, so he could throw the competition and get Amber off of the block (spoiler alert: she still doesn’t like him!) The ultimate plan though? Get Devin and his “five different personalities and they all suck” (Paola’s words, but beautifully put) out of the house.

Amber: I’m not sure who Amber trusts the most, but I do know she doesn’t plan on giving Caleb what he wants (aka her) anytime soon. She (along with Donny) is also safe for the rest of the week after winning the battle of the block. #WillAmberEverRunOutOfWaysToRejectCaleb

Brittany: After fighting to get off of the block last week (and convincing Devin to use the veto on her because they’re both parents), Brittany kept a fairly low profile this week. She is trying to work with Derrick and Zach, but they’re both skeptical. #BrittanyPlayedTheParentCard

Caleb: After volunteering to be nominated to save “his Queen,” Caleb threw the battle of the block competition so Amber would be safe. As long as anyone but Devin wins the veto, Caleb should be fine and go back to enjoying his sweet tea and Amber’s rejection. #AllCalebNeedsInThisLifeOfSinIsAmberAndSweetTea

Christine: Christine finally came clean to her BFF Nicole about the “bomb squad,” and now I’m hoping the two of them (plus Hayden!) will stick together and go far in the game. Things could get awkward though if Nicole and Hayden ever get together. #DontForgetChristineIsANudist

Cody: The NJ native is still close with Zach and Derrick, and is worried about whether or not to trust Brittany. More importantly, he cried when Derrick read his letter from his wife about his daughter, and made us swoon even more. #CodysAbs #AndCodysSensitiveSide

Derrick: I think it’s safe to say Derrick is one of the smartest players in the game, and his plan to get out Devin is going to work. However, #ItsStillSpelledDerrick

Devin: Devin had a Devin style meltdown last week when he realized his plan to get out Zach was going to fail, and Paola was going home. #DevinTalksToHimselfBro

Donny: Donny is still one of my favorites, and I’m hoping he is able to get some houseguests to work with him and build a stronger support system. I’m also hoping he surprises everyone and ends up being an undercover cop. #DonnyHeartsPuzzles #AndLearnedTheWordSick

Frankie: Frankie seems to be on good terms with everyone in the house, and spends most of his time worrying that someone will find out he’s Ariana Grande’s brother. #FrankieNoOneWatchesYourYoutubeChannel

Hayden: Hayden is playing a low-key, but strong game. The only thing I’m wondering is whether he will win HOH or get Nicole to kiss him first. #CanWeJustKissItOut

Jocasta: After another thrilling week of Jocasta doing absolutely nothing, we learned who she trusts. She will most likely be taken off the block in the veto so Devin can be sent home. #JocastaOnlyTrustsGodAndJocasta

Nicole: Nicole’s time as HOH was short, but not so sweet. She struggled with who to nominate and regretted putting up Donny. One thing Nicole has going for her? Her flirty potential showmance with Hayden. #GoshHayden

Victoria: I don’t remember much about Victoria from this past week (shocking, I know), but I do remember her cute fishtail braid and the fact that she is completely overdressed 99% of the time. #VictoriasAllianceIsWithHerMirror

Zach: After publicly fighting with Devin (and mocking him brilliantly), Zach was saved by Derrick and Frankie who convinced the house not to send him home last week. Now the same two people are starting a rumor that he is related to Amanda from last season, in a Team America task and an attempt to win $5,000. #ZachAttackIsRelatedToAmanda

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