What (or Who) Derek Jeter Should Do Next

It’s the end of the world as we know it. Derek Jeter will never play professional baseball again, and I haven’t stopped crying since Thursday night’s finale at Yankee Stadium. Now I think the baseball all-star, who I prefer to call boyfriend, needs to finally settle down and have extremely talented and good-looking children. But who should the lucky lady be? Let’s look back at his past loves and see who is available to make this all happen.
9. Jessica Alba: I’m ranking Alba last because she’s happily married to Cash Warren and has two daughters with him. Plus I couldn’t even find any pictures of them together, and you know how hard I looked.


8. Since Vanessa Minnillo is now Vanessa Lachey, a reunion for these two could be complicated. Not to mention the fact that Mrs. Lachey already has a son and another child on the way. This sounds more like a storyline in the Young & the Restless than real life, and drama isn’t really Derek’s style.


7. Another happily married lady, Jessica Biel could trade in JT for DJ, but that wouldn’t be very 7th Heaven of her.


6. Jordana Brewster has been married since 2007, and recently welcomed a child via surrogate. I guess the Fast and the Furious star decided she like film producers more than baseball players.


5. Rumor has it Mariah Carey is planning on leaving husband Nick Cannon, so she should be available to rebound with an ex. I’m assuming Derek would be an amazing step-father to “dem babies” (twins Moroccan and Monroe), but Mariah might be too much of a diva for DJ.


4. While I think this 24 year old model is too young and just totally wrong for my boyfriend, I have to give her some love because she is technically his current girlfriend. I just didn’t see the sparks when they hugged after his final game in the Bronx.


3. A recently divorced Adrianna Lima could be the answer for Derek. She’s 33, still modeling and still beautiful. If only those Justin Bieber hookup rumors weren’t circulating…


2. Minka Kelly: These two were perfect for each other and I’m still not over their breakup. She cried when he got his 3,000th hit, she bonded with his parents/family during games, she attended the World Series parade with him and they looked beautiful every step of the way. Minka’s single right now, and 34 years old, which sounds like the perfect age to start having babies IMO. I think another trip to Paris could be the answer for these lovebirds, or just a Friday Night Lights marathon.

Jeter walks with girlfriend Kelly at Yankee Stadium after final game

1. Me: For obvious reasons.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 5.32.09 PM

One thought on “What (or Who) Derek Jeter Should Do Next

  1. Dereks new girlfriend is very pretty although i believe she is to young for him. she is in her prime, she is gloating on her starting career and just too too young to settle down and start a family. I honestly believe Minka is where Dereks heart will always be. They should give it one last try.

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