Sarah Marie’s 25 Days Of Christmas: Day 15

Does anything say Merry 15th Day of Christmas like reality TV? The answer is no, and that’s why December 17th on Sarah Marie’s 25 Days of Christmas is filled with Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson, The Kardashians and The Hills.

One of the best reality shows of all time, Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica, has two Christmas episodes. One year the (former) happy couple spent part of the holiday in Cincinnati with the Lacheys and part of the holiday in Texas with the Simpsons (including my fave Ashlee). Nick wants a sex guarantee from Jess, but has to settle for matching Simpson Family pajamas and a trainer for the year, while he gives his bride a new closet and jewelry. A year later, the Newlyweds spend Christmas in New York City with Nick’s family, and the highlight is Nick and Drew refusing to buy a Canadian Christmas tree and sneaking their American tree into their hotel room. If you want more Nick & Jessica (and Christmas carols), check out their Christmas variety show: Nick & Jessica’s Family Christmas.


PS: it’s on YouTube (along with every episode of Newlyweds ever).


Another classic reality show family, The Kardashians, had a big Christmas special last year. The whole Kardashian/Jenner clan sat around their tree and exchanged presents and memories of Christmas past (complete with home movies). Later on in the special, we follow the family as they shoot their annual Christmas card. It’s safe to say P is the highlight of the episode, and the photo-shoot will make you sad that the family is skipping an Xmas card this year.

rs_400x225-131129172559-kxmas6 rs_400x225-131129172555-kxmas4

Would it be Lauren Conrad’s first Christmas away from home if there weren’t cameras documenting every move? Of course not! LC and Heidi celebrate Christmas with then-boyfriends Jason and Jordan, and it’s Chanel bags and puppies for everyone!


Gifs courtesy of and pic

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